Here is How to Mirror Your Android Devices to PC (Samsung Galaxy Note 9 & Note 10)

If you want to record your screen to make a video of it, play Android games on your PC, watch movies or videos, or even giving a presentation directly from your phone then you are on the right post.

So, if you also want to mirror your phone’s screen to your PC, here’s the complete guide on how to mirror your phone’s display to your PC. Here, you can also mirror your PC screen on your Android Device which is pretty cool. Right?

Mirror Your Android Devices to PC – Prerequisites

These are the important pre-requisites prior mirroring your Android Devices to PC

  • Make sure your PC is running the Windows 10 Anniversary update.
  • Your PC and phone need to be on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Your smart TV and phone need to be on the same Wi-Fi network.

Steps to Mirror Your Android Devices to PC

Step 1 – Connect your Windows PC/Laptop with WiFi

Step 2 – On your PC/Laptop Click on the Notification Centre located on the extreme right bottom of the screen and expand the quick settings. On laptops tap with four fingers and the panel will open (it will only work when touchpad settings are enabled).

Step 3 – Look for the Connect option and click on that. Now click on the option Projecting to this PC. Here you need to do some settings. Select Available Everywhere option on the first dialogue box. 

Step 4 – Close the window, and open the Connect option again by following the above steps.

Step 5 – Now, open quick settings on your phone and tap on the Cast option. On Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Note 10 devices (and other latest devices), it is named as Smart View.

Step 6 – Once done that, look for the name of your PC and tap on it. Soon the connection will be established.

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[VIDEO] Mirror Your Android Devices to PC/Laptop/TV (Samsung Note 9 & Note 10) [Urdu/Hindi/English Captions]

That is it. Now you can mirror your Android Devie on Your Windows PC. Let me know what do you think of this latest Windows Update. Did this solve your problem or not?

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  1. got all the way to step 6 but for some reason when i click to connect to msi its starts to connect but then just disappears. It will reappear but every time i click on it it says connecting…. then gone.

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