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Download FREE Books/Notes for all Public Service Commission (PSC) Examinations including FPSC/KPSC/PPSC/BPSC/SPSC or CSS/PMS/PCS/IAS, etc Examinations.

Compulsory Subjects

  1. 29+ Expansion (Paragraphs) 
  2. 50 Common Proverbs in English by engVid
  3. 100 EDS MCQs (Part-I)
  4. 100 Writing Mistakes to Avoid by Maeve Maddox
  5. 1000 Islamiat MCQ (Basis of Islam)
  6. 1000+ MCQs (All Papers)
  7. 1001 Vocabulary & Spelling Questions (2nd Edition)
  8. 1250 Abbreviations and Acronyms
  9. 5000 General Knowledge Questions (with Answer Key)
  10. 5000 MCQs for All Tests
  11. 10,000 General Knowledge Questions and Answers
  12. A Concise Encyclopedia of Islam by Gordon Newby
  13. Advanced Grammar in Use (with Answers) by Martin Hewings
  14. All Important Physical Quantities Units
  15. A Practical English Grammar by A.J. Thomson and A.V. Martinet (4th Edition)
  16. A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson
  17. Basic General Knowledge
  18. Book of General Knowledge
  19. Book of General Knowledge for PPSC/TMO/TOR/Chief Officer/Council Officer/Intelligence Officer/Custom Inspector/Preventive Officer, etc.
  20. BPSC PCS/Tehsildar/I.O/AEO Previous GK (Solved Papers)
  21. Britannica Concise Encyclopedia – Complete Edition
  22. Collins Webster’s Easy Learning – How to Use English?
  23. Common Mistakes in English with Exercises By T.J. Fitikides
  24. Common Science by Carleton Washburne
  25. Complete English Grammar Rules | The Farlex Grammar Book | Peter Herring
  26. Complete General Knowledge Guide
  27. CSS & PMS General Knowledge Book
  28. CSS Essays (Solved) by CSPs
  29. CSS MCQs
  30. CSS MCQs (Miscellaneous) Vol-I & Vol-II
  31. CSS Solved Idioms from 1971 to 2014 (Updated) 
  32. CSS Solved Pair of Words (1972 – 2017) (Updated) 
  33. Current Affairs Solved MCQs
  34. Current Affairs MCQs / Screening Test 2018
  35. DAWN Word List
  36. Direct & Indirect Narration
  37. EDS – National Officers Academy Notes
  38. EDS – To the Point 
  39. English Grammar: Explanation and Expression (By Mary Ansell) – Second Edition
  40. English Prepositions Listed (Most Important 150 Prepositions) By Josef Essberger 
  41. Essay Writing By Jock Mackenzie
  42. Essay Writing Guide
  43. Everyday Science 1500 MCQs
  44. Everyday Science (EDS) CSS Solved Papers (1994-2013)
  45. Everyday Science (EDS) Study Plan
  46. General Knowledge 2018 (Revised & Updated) – 2nd Edition
  47. General Knowledge – A Comprehensive Book
  48. General Knowledge Book – CSS & PMS
  49. General Knowledge Complete MCQs for Public Service Commission Exams
  50. General Knowledge MCQs – Caravan’s
  51. General Knowledge MCQS with Answers
  52. General Knowledge of World and Pakistan (from Past Papers)
  53. General Knowledge of World and Pakistan
  54. General Knowledge – Pakistan Army
  55. How to write an Essay?
  56. History of Islam (Short Questions and Answers) in Urdu
  57. Idioms A to Z (from Past Papers)
  58. Idioms Complete Collection
  59. Islamic General MCQs
  60. Islamiat MCQs
  61. Islamic Studies Notes – For CSS Examination
  62. Islamic Study, Pakistan Study, General Knowledge
  63. Islamic Vocabulary – Daily Usage
  64. List of Synonyms & Antonyms | English (Precis & Composition)
  65. One Word Substitute From Saadat Ali Shah’s Book
  66. One Word Substitution MCQs
  67. Oxford Practice Grammar with answers John Eastwood
  68. P.A. MCQs, Short Question Answers 
  69. Pakistan Affairs Complete History (1947-2018) – Based on DAWN Special Reports
  70. Pakistan Affairs MCQs Book
  71. Pakistan Affairs Solved MCQs
  72. Pakistan Affairs Solved CSS MCQs (2005 to 2013)
  73. Pakistan Affair (Solved) Question Answers and Short Notes
  74. Pakistan in Crises by Ashok Kapur
  75. PPSC FPSC NTS Capsule G.K, ISL, Science and Pak Study
  76. Recommended Books for CSS Preparation
  77. Sadqa-e-Fitr (in Urdu)
  78. Shab-e-Qadr (Night of Power) in Urdu 
  79. Static GK Capsule by AffairsCloud (Volume 1)
  80. The Good Grammar Book with Answers By Michael Swan and Catherine Walter
  81. Top #5 Water Scarcity Issues in Pakistan Essays
  82. Top 10 Most Popular CSS Essays Outlines
  83. War of 1965 between India and Pakistan (in Urdu)
  84. World General Knowledge about Sports & Games

Optional Subjects

  1. 200 Questions and Answers on Practical Civil Engineering Works
  2. A Concise Encyclopedia of Islam by Gordon Newby
  3. Back to Pakistan – A Fifty Year Journey
  4. Basics of Statistics by Jarkko Isotalo
  5. Computer Shortcuts
  6. Computer Technology Abbreviations
  7. Constitution of Pakistan (Urdu) پاکستان کا آئیںن
  8. Democracy and Authoritarianism in South Asia 
  9. Historic Struggle for Pakistan (1857 to 1947) by Prof. Dr. Muniruddin Chughtai
  10. Islamic History & Culture Part – I (Notes)
  11. Islamic History & Culture Part – II (Notes)
  12. Islamic Law and Law of Armed Conflict
  13. Muslim Law MCQs (Past Papers)
  14. Pakistan – A Hard Country by Anatol Lieven
  15. Pakistan in Crises by Ashok Kapur
  16. Pakistan Manifest Destiny by Atif F Qureshi
  17. Pukhto Proverbs (Mataloona) Translated by Akbar S. Ahmed
  18. Recommended Books for CSS Preparation
  19. The Baloch and Balochistan by Naseer Dashti
  20. The Future of Pakistan by Stephen P. Cohen and Others
  21. Trading for a Living (Psychology Trading Tactics Money Management) by Dr. Alexander Elder


  1. 50 Most Common Interview Mistakes
  2. 100 Writing Mistakes to Avoid by Maeve Maddox
  3. 1000 NTS Repeated MCQs
  4. A.E.O (Assistant Education Officer) Entry Test Preparation
  5. Back to Pakistan – A Fifty Year Journey
  6. Britannica Concise Encyclopedia – Complete Edition
  7. Budget (Balochistan) 2018-19 (in Urdu)
  8. Career Development Interview 
  9. Check Your English Vocabulary for TOFEL by Rawdon Wyatt (4th Edition)
  10. Computer Basics (An Illustrated Book)
  11. CSS 2017 Final Result (28-06-2018)
  12. December Kay Baad Bhi by Shehzad Qais
  13. Discourses of Rumi
  14. English Prepositions Listed By Josef Essberger
  15. Election Result 2018
  16. How to join Pak Army as a Commission Officer (The Complete Guide)
  17. How to write a Thesis?
  18. I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai with Christina Lamb
  19. ISSB Preparation
  20. Migration after Creation of Pakistan (in Photos)
  21. Modern South Asia – History, Culture, Political Economy
  22. NTS Guide – GRE GAT with Explanatory Answers (Dogar’s Guide)
  23. NTS Past Questions Solved
  24. Pedagogy MCQs
  25. Strange and Amazing General Knowledge (in Urdu)
  26. Top 50 Most Influential Muslim Leaders 2019
  27. Weird World
  28. Why is Allama Iqbal going out of fashion?
  29. World Famous Battles (Highlights)

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