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Guys, if you are connected with Chemistry Subject in any way. Either you are a student or a Teacher or doing some sort of Chemistry research etc then I’m absolutely sure you deal with Periodic Tables a lot. You’ve already tried a number of mobile apps for periodic tables (so did I) but I’ve never seen anything like this one.

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Also, there are lots of websites offering interactive or dynamic periodic tables. One that has been around for many years now is ptable. Ptable is an interactive display of the Periodic Table of Elements. Place your mouse pointer over an element to access the basic information about it. Click on an element to open a Wikipedia article about that element. The article opens with a dialogue box within Ptable so that you don’t have to leave the site and then come back to use the table again.

The Most Interactive Periodic Table - ptable - Tech Urdu - website - Interactive and Dynamic PERIODIC TABLE (ptable)

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Interactive and Dynamic PERIODIC TABLE (ptable)

Ptable is not going to revolutionize the way that students learn the Periodic Table, but it is another example of making academic information more accessible than in the past. Students don’t need to lug around a big chemistry text when they can simply access resources like Ptable to get much of the same information from their Internet-connected devices.

Interactive and Dynamic PERIODIC TABLE (ptable) Review Video

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