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Assalam o Alekum, Namaste, and Welcome!!

Guys with the success of our YouTube Channel Tech Urdu, of course with your support and love, we thought to move a step forward and came up with techurdu.net. Here you will find all the stuff that is posted on the Tech Urdu YouTube Channel also you will see here articles and features of the latest Tech.


About myself!!

Naeem Javid - Tech Urdu - at Chotok Moola Khuzdar -20171108_153744
At Chotok Moola Khuzdar

My name is Naeem Javid Muhammad Hassani. I live in District Mastung of Balochistan Pakistan. Currently, I am working in Balochistan Forest and Wildlife Department as Deputy Conservator. I have my masters in Forestry from Pakistan Forest Institute (PFI) Peshawar and M.Sc in Physics from the University of Balochistan. As soon as I get spare time I make videos (usually on daily basis) for Tech Urdu (because I love Tech) and Majestic Pakistan (because I love to visit new sites and explore).

My whole world revolves around my family and the Sun of this Solar System is my love – my daughter Aarisha Javid.

Naeem Javid - Tech Urdu - Daughter Aarisha Javid
Aarisha Javid aka Supergirl

Finally, I love Dogs I have a GSD named as Maximus (Max.

Naeem Javid - Tech Urdu - German Shephard Dog - Maximus (Max)
Maximus (Max) – 4 Months Old
Naeem Javid - Tech Urdu Max - Now - 20160424_181825
Max – Now (1.5 years old)


Feel free to ask anything

You can contact me on:


Email: tulaibjavid@gmail.com


Lots of Love and Best Regards

Naeem Javid


Naeem Javid – Let’s Tech it!

Naeem Javid - Tech Urdu - Forest and Wildlife DCF 20170421_125152
Working as DC Forest Balochistan Forest & Wildlife Department.
At Sea View Karachi. Naeem Javid - Tech Urdu 20171226_174624
At Sea View Karachi
Naeem Javid - Tech Urdu - at Jacobabad 20171212_151429
With My Love Aarisha Javid at Al-Harmain Hotel Jacobabad
Naeem Javid - Tech Urdu - at Quetta Millan Marriage Hall 20171203_143904
With Jahanzaib Sanjarani and Zahoor Ahmed at Millan Marriage Hall Quetta
Naeem Javid - Tech Urdu - Being a father is the best job ever 20171015_014511
It is great being a #father.
Naeem Javid - Tech Urdu - at Pizza Point Quetta 20171021_194343
At Pizza Point Quetta with Noman, Ajmal, Shoukat and Yasir.
Naeem Javid - Tech Urdu - at Karakh Khuzdar Chotok Moola 20171009_110800(0)
At Chotok Moola with Picnic Group.
Naeem Javid - Tech Urdu - at Dera Murad Jamali with Shoukat Ali 20171214_134003
At Dera Murad Jamali with Shoukat Ali
Naeem Javid - Tech Urdu - at Harnai with Yasir Mari 20170707_144733
At Harnai with Yasir Mari
Naeem Javid - Tech Urdu - with Aarisha Javid Supergirl 20171204_221733-COLLAGE
With my Supergirl
Naeem Javid - Tech Urdu - at Chaman Killa Abdullah with Noman and Shoukat 20171207_094649
Naeem Javid - Tech Urdu - Chotok Moola Khuzdar 20171008_145101
At Chotok Waterfalls with Shoukat and Shahid.
Naeem Javid - Tech Urdu - Peer Ghaib Waterfalls 20170913_132708
At Peerghaib Waterfalls Bolan Balochistan
Naeem Javid - Tech Urdu - Harnai 20170706_174521
At Harnai Balochistan with Friends.
Naeem Javid - Tech Urdu - on Eid with Family 20170626_111053
With Family on Eid at Mastung Balochistan
Naeem Javid - Tech Urdu- at Kolpur 20170913_113211
With Farhad and other Friends at Kolpur.
Naeem Javid - Tech Urdu at Shoukat Marriage Quetta _20170910-184952
At Quetta.
Naeem Javid - Tech Urdu - with Aarish Javid and Anya 20170404_195539
With Aarisha and Anya at Millennium Shopping Center Quetta.
Naeem Javid Muhammad Hassani - Tech Urdu

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  • liaquat-jam

    why are you leave your channel?
    an come in game ?

    • That tech channel got hacked. That is why I moved to the gaming channel (NJMH Gaming)

  • Kaiwan

    Sir how do i get your videos ? Youtube channel is terminated

    • I’m trying the recovery. If I fail then I’ve already created a NEW Channel with the same name Tech Urdu. I’ll upload all the videos on the new channel.

  • imsakhawat

    Sir i want a guest post on your site can you please tell me details where can i send you content any email address or whatsapp number ?

  • Anonymous

    Aap bhot ameer lagte ho


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