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A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding the Cryptocurrency

I am sure you have heard a lot about Bitcoin – a Cryptocurrency. Do you know what is a Bitcoin or a Cryptocurrency? Who controls this System? Why is Bitcoin so valued? Why Bitcoin mining needs very powerful computers? What is the difference between a Cryptocurrency or a Blockchain? Why Bitcoin prices change so rapidly? Where are all Bitcoins kept? Is there any concept of half bitcoin or a portion of it used for trading? There are numerous other such questions that come to mind whenever we talk about Bitcoins.

Though in this article I have given a very comprehensive review about Cryptocurrencies and what is going on right now with Cryptocurrencies. Still, the purpose of the current article is to give you understanding and some basic concepts about cryptocurrencies in the form of illustrations – Bitcoin Illustration.

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The scrollable explainer features abstract illustrations like a children’s book and provides a high-level synopsis of what bitcoin is, where it came from, and how it works, all in easy-to-understand language.

Bitcoin Illustration Satoshi - Tech Urdu

Cryptocurrency - Tech Urdu

Bitcoin Illustration Bitcoin - Tech Urdu

Bitcoin Limited - Tech Urdu

Bitcoin Illustration Powerful Computer for Mining - Tech Urdu

Bitcoin Illustration Blcokchain

Where to buy bitcoins - Tech Urdu

Bitcoin Illustration Bitcoin - Supply demand - Tech Urdu

Bitcoin storing - Tech urdu

Bitcoin Valuable - Tech Urdu

Bitcoin Imagination - Tech Urdu

Courtesy: Prachi Bhardwaj

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