Google Assistant: All Latest Updates and News (2018)

[Update: May 1, 2018]

You Can Now Review Google Assistant Actions And Apps

Google Assistant Latest Updates - Tech Urdu

If you are Google Assistant user you would know that it previously only allowed you to add star ratings to these actions, the Google app has now been updated to support user reviews as well.

You now have access to not just a rating (out of five), but also an opinion from other users who’ve tried a certain action.

This review feature has been available for a few days and actions are already swamped, giving you a chance to get a second opinion before you try out the action or app with Google Assistant.

[Update: April 27, 2018]

Google Assistant Is Smarter than Siri, Alexa, and Cortana: Study

Google Assistant Tech Urdu
A new report from Stone Temple Consulting confirms what we knew already: Google Assistant is the smartest and the most efficient virtual assistant around. Stone Temple Consulting pit the top four virtual assistants against each other to see which one is the best.

The Google Assistant smartphone app topped Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Apple’s Siri. In fact, it was also slightly better than Google Assistant on a Google Home smart speaker, which is weird, since the functionality is essentially the same for both.

In another test, the folks over at ROAST tested out Google Assistant with a bunch of queries and found that managed to answer about 45% of questions. If you’re interested, you can read the full report on

[Update: January 31, 2018]

Google Assistant Now Speaks Hindi

Google Assistant Hindi Feature - Tech Urdu

Google has silently rolled out a new feature for the Google Assistant on Android devices that allows users to communicate with the voice AI in Hindi. The Hindi support is not completely new to Google Assistant as Google Allo received a native Hindi Assistant back in December 2016, and Google showcased a specific Google Assistant version for Jio Phone with support for both English and Hindi languages at Google for India event last month.

The support to understand Hindi on Google Assistant is currently limited in nature. You can start passing your commands in Hindi just after activating the virtual assistant by saying “Hey Google” or “OK Google” hotword. The assistant transcribes the command to English but replies back to you in Hindi. Likewise, you can transliterate your Hindi queries in English to receive responses from Google Assistant. The responses can either be in English or Hindi, depending on the availability of the results.

“The Google Assistant on Android phones and iPhones is currently available in English in India, built for English input but supporting a few selected Hindi queries. While we’ve launched the Hindi Google Assistant on Allo, it’s not available on phones yet. We are looking to bring the Assistant experience to more Indian languages over time,” Google spokesperson.

While the feature works well, it currently does not support making calls, opening apps, or modifying system settings.

How to Enable Hindi Version of Google Assistant

Users can simply set “English (India)” as their primary language for the Google Assistant’s settings in order to enable this feature. Once done, the feature takes the user’s input in Hindi and converts it to English text for better recognition. It then finds the adequate response and reports it back in Hindi.

Settings Languages & input > Languages Add a language English (India)

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