#17: Your Weekly Vocabulary List

Words of the Week are All-American, Coffee Table Book, Ensorcell

17: Your Weekly Vocabulary List

all-American , adj :
Comprising things that are wholly from the United States of America; completely made in the United States. Regarded as embodying the ideal qualities of the United States; (specifically) of a person: courageous, heroic; honest, wholesome, etc. (US, chiefly sports) Of a person or a team, or some other thing: regarded as the best in the United States. Today is celebrated as Independence Day in the United States.

coffee table book , n :
A large book, usually with lavish illustrations, typically displayed on a coffee table.

ensorcell , v :
(transitive) To bewitch or enchant. (transitive, figuratively) To captivate, entrance, fascinate.

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Which of the above words were new for you, let us know in comments below. Also, share amazing words with us, we’ll feature these in the next edition of Your Weekly Vocabulary List.

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