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Your Weekly Vocabulary (Updated 2020)

#20: Your Weekly Vocabulary List

gumption , n :
(Britain) Common sense, initiative, resourcefulness. (US) Boldness of enterprise; aggressiveness or initiative. (US) Energy of body and mind, enthusiasm.

acquit , v :
(transitive) To declare or find innocent or not guilty. (transitive) To discharge (for example, a claim or debt); to clear off, to pay off; to fulfil. (transitive) Followed by of (and formerly by from): to discharge, release, or set free from a burden, duty, liability, or obligation, or from an accusation or charge. (reflexive) To bear or conduct oneself; to perform one’s part. (reflexive) To clear oneself. (transitive, archaic) the past participle of acquit. (transitive, obsolete) To release, to rescue, to set free. (transitive, obsolete, rare) To pay for; to atone for.

pomander , n :
(countable, uncountable, historical) A mixture of aromatic substances made into a ball and carried by a person to impart a sweet smell or as a protection against infection. (countable, historical) A small case in which an aromatic ball was carried. (countable) A perforated container filled with pot-pourri for placing in a drawer, wardrobe, room, etc., to provide a sweet smell. (countable) An apple or orange studded with cloves used for the same purpose.

skimble-skamble , adj :
Confused, chaotic, disorderly, senseless.

gigot , n :
A leg of lamb or mutton. (fashion) Short for gigot sleeve (“a type of sleeve shaped like a leg of mutton”).

brumous , adj :
(literary) Foggy or misty; wintry.

Burns night , n :
An event held on the evening of 25th January in celebration of the Scottish poet and lyricist Robert Burns (born on that day in 1759), usually involving Scottish foods and recitals of his poetry.

#19: Your Weekly Vocabulary List

Spidey-sense , n :
(humorous) An intuitive feeling, usually of something being dangerous or risky; (more generally) instinct, intuition. The fictional superhero Spider-Man made his debut this month in 1962 in the Marvel Comics comic book Amazing Fantasy #15.

planning permission , n :
(Britain, construction, law) Legal permission granted by a government authority to construct on one’s land, or to change the use of the land. The Town and Country Planning Act 1947 of the United Kingdom, which was the foundation of modern land-use planning in the country, received royal assent on this day in 1947 and came into force on 1 July 1948.

calabash , n :
A tree (known as the calabash tree; Crescentia cujete) native to Central and South America, the West Indies, and southern Florida, bearing large, round fruit used to make containers (sense 3); the fruit of this tree. The bottle gourd (calabash vine, Lagenaria siceraria), a vine believed to have originated in Africa, which is grown for its fruit that are used as a vegetable and to make containers (sense 3); the fruit of this plant. A container made from the mature, dried shell of the fruit of one of the above plants; also, a similarly shaped container made from some other material. A calabash and its contents; as much as fills such a container. (music) A musical instrument, most commonly a drum or rattle, made from a calabash fruit.

sidle , v :
(transitive, intransitive, also figuratively) To (cause something to) move sideways. (transitive, intransitive, also figuratively) In the intransitive sense often followed by up: to (cause something to) advance in a coy, furtive, or unobtrusive manner.

sere , adj :
(archaic or literary, poetic) Without moisture; dry. (obsolete) Of fabrics: threadbare, worn out. […] (obsolete or Britain, dialectal) Individual, separate, set apart. (obsolete or Britain, dialectal) Different; diverse.

#18: Your Weekly Vocabulary List

aventurine , n :
A kind of brownish glass containing gold-coloured spangles. (mineralogy, by extension) A variety of translucent quartz, spangled throughout with scales of yellow mica.

radiole , n :
(zoology) The spine of a sea urchin. (zoology) A heavily ciliated feather-like tentacle occurring in clusters on the crowns of certain tubeworms, especially those of the order Canalipalpata (the fan-head worms), used for feeding and respiration.

churchical , adj :
(Christianity, informal) Pertaining to or characteristic of church; ecclesiastical. (chiefly Jamaica, music) Belonging to a style of Reggae music that reflects a spiritual sensibility. (chiefly Jamaica, Rastafari) Pertaining to the strain of Rastafarian culture that emphasizes a traditional theocracy. Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia from 1930 to 1974, was born on this day in 1892. He is worshipped as a deity and messiah by Rastafarians.

quakebuttock , n :
(formerly obsolete, rare, now humorous) A coward.

aspheterism , n :
(dated, rare) The view that all property should be in common ownership and that no individual should benefit from private possession. The English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who coined the word in a 1794 letter to fellow poet Robert Southey, died on this day 185 years ago in 1834.

effulgent , adj :
(literary, also figuratively) Radiant, resplendent, shining.

carrier wave , n :
(physics) A wave that can be modulated, either in amplitude, frequency, or phase, to carry or transmit images, music, speech, or other signals. Italian electrical engineer and inventor Guglielmo Marconi, who is credited with inventing the radio, made the first public transmission of wireless signals on this day in 1896, from a site in London, UK, now occupied by the BT Centre.

#17: Your Weekly Vocabulary List

all-American , adj :
Comprising things that are wholly from the United States of America; completely made in the United States. Regarded as embodying the ideal qualities of the United States; (specifically) of a person: courageous, heroic; honest, wholesome, etc. (US, chiefly sports) Of a person or a team, or some other thing: regarded as the best in the United States. Today is celebrated as Independence Day in the United States.

coffee table book , n :
A large book, usually with lavish illustrations, typically displayed on a coffee table.

ensorcell , v :
(transitive) To bewitch or enchant. (transitive, figuratively) To captivate, entrance, fascinate.

#16: Your Weekly Vocabulary List

nuke , v :
(transitive, chiefly US, colloquial) To use a nuclear weapon on a target. (transitive, chiefly US, colloquial, figuratively) To destroy or erase completely. (transitive, Internet slang, by extension) To carry out a denial-of-service attack against (an IRC user). (transitive, chiefly US, colloquial) To expose to some form of radiation. (transitive, chiefly US, colloquial) To cook in a microwave oven.

gastrodiplomacy , n :
A type of cultural diplomacy where relations between representatives of different cultures are improved by the means of gastronomy and the promotion of national cuisines. Today is the eve of Sustainable Gastronomy Day, which is designated by the United Nations to highlight the role that gastronomy can play in promoting sustainable development.

meet one’s Waterloo , v :
To be decisively defeated by an encounter with a powerful opponent or a problem that is too difficult. The Battle of Waterloo, which marked the end of the Napoleonic Wars after Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated by armies of Britain and Prussia, took place on this day in 1815.

gurrier , n :
(dated) A street urchin. A loutish young man; a ruffian.

steatopygous , adj :
(physiology) Pertaining to steatopygia; having fat or prominent buttocks.

ski-through , adj :
(skiing) Of a ski lodge or other hotel establishment: providing skiers with the service of transporting their equipment, luggage, and vehicles to other establishments so they can ski directly to those establishments. (skiing) Of a restaurant, shop, or other establishment or facility: providing service to skiers while they are still wearing their skis. In the Southern Hemisphere according to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), the winter solstice falls on this day in 2019.

smorgasbord , n :
A Swedish-style buffet comprising a variety of cold sandwiches and other dishes; (by extension) any buffet with a wide selection of dishes. (figuratively) An abundant and diverse collection of things. Today in 2019 is Midsommardagen or Midsummer’s Day in Sweden.

#15: Your Weekly Vocabulary List

rubicon , n :
A limit that when exceeded, or an action that when taken, cannot be reversed. (card games) Especially in bezique and piquet: a score which, if not achieved by a losing player, increases the player’s penalty. rubicon v (transitive, card games) Especially in bezique and piquet: to defeat a player who has not achieved the rubicon. Today is Festa della Repubblica or Republic Day, Italy’s national day.

disport , v :
(transitive, intransitive, reflexive, dated) To amuse oneself divertingly or playfully; in particular, to cavort or gambol.

ghrelin , n :
(biochemistry) A peptide hormone, secreted in the stomach when empty, that increases appetite and secretion of growth hormone from the pituitary gland.

rubbish , n :
(chiefly Australia, New Zealand, Britain) Garbage, junk, refuse, trash, waste. (by extension, chiefly Australia, New Zealand, Britain) An item, or items, of low quality. (by extension, chiefly Australia, New Zealand, Britain) Nonsense. (archaic) Debris or ruins of buildings. […] rubbish v (transitive, chiefly Australia, New Zealand, Britain, colloquial) To criticize, to denigrate, to denounce, to disparage.

polemology , n :
The study of human conflict and war. Today is the 75th anniversary of D-Day on 6 June 1944, the start of the Allied invasion of Normandy, France, during World War II that laid the foundations for the Allied victory on the Western Front.

merit , v :
(transitive) To deserve, to earn. (intransitive) To be deserving or worthy. (transitive, obsolete, rare) To reward.

polynya , n :
(hydrology, oceanography) A naturally formed area of open water surrounded by sea ice, especially in the Arctic. Today is World Oceans Day, a day recognized by the United Nations to highlight the importance of conserving and protecting the world’s oceans.

#14: Your Weekly Vocabulary List

gnomon , n :
An object such as a pillar or a rod that is used to tell time by the shadow it casts when the sun shines on it, especially the pointer on a sundial. An object such as a pillar used by an observer to calculate the meridian altitude of the sun (that is, the altitude of the sun when it reaches the observer’s meridian), for the purpose of determining the observer’s latitude. The index of the hour circle of a globe. (geometry) A plane figure formed by removing a parallelogram from a corner of a larger parallelogram. (mathematics, by extension) A number representing the increment between two figurate numbers (“numbers equal to the numbers of dots in geometric figures formed of dots”).

caravel , n :
(nautical, historical) A light, usually lateen-rigged sailing ship used by the Portuguese and Spanish for about 300 years from the 15th century, first for trade and later for voyages of exploration. Today is European Maritime Day, which seeks to raise European citizens’ awareness of the seas and their importance.

orature , n :
The oral equivalent of literature: a collection of traditional folk songs, stories, etc., that is communicated orally rather than in writing. […] Today is the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development or Diversity Day, which is recognized by the United Nations to highlight the value of cultural diversity and the need for people to live together in harmony.

mouthbrooder , n :
(zoology) Any animal that cares for its offspring, either eggs or juveniles, by holding them in its mouth for extended periods of time. Today is the International Day for Biological Diversity (also known as World Biodiversity Day), which is recognized by the United Nations for the promotion of biodiversity issues.

pall , v :
(transitive) To make vapid or insipid; to make lifeless or spiritless; to dull, to weaken. (intransitive) To become dull, insipid, tasteless, or vapid; to lose life, spirit, strength, or taste.

consilience , n :
(logic) The concurrence of multiple inductions drawn from different data sets. [from mid 19th c.] The agreement, co-operation, or overlap of academic disciplines. English philosopher and theologian William Whewell, who coined the word, was born on this day 225 years ago in 1794.

overt , adj :
Open and not concealed or secret.

#13: Your Weekly Vocabulary List

motherhood statement , n :
(chiefly Canada, US) A vague, feel-good platitude, especially one made by a politician, that few people would disagree with. Today, the second Sunday of May in 2019, is celebrated in many countries as Mother’s Day.

slip-up , n :
(idiomatic) A (small) error or mistake; a (minor) misstep.

up to something , adj :
(idiomatic) Doing something mischievous or scheming.

primigravida , n :
(obstetrics, veterinary medicine) A woman or female animal who is pregnant for the first time, or who has been pregnant once. Today is designated by the United Nations as the International Day of Families to promote awareness of issues relating to families and to increase knowledge of the social, economic and demographic processes affecting families.

terse , adj :
(obsolete) Burnished, polished; fine, smooth; neat, spruce. (by extension) Of speech or style: brief, concise, to the point. (by extension) Of manner or speech: abruptly or brusquely short; curt.

fjord , n :
A long, narrow, deep inlet between cliffs. Today is Norwegian Constitution Day, which celebrates the signing of the Constitution of Norway in Eidsvoll on this day 205 years ago in 1814.

schlubby , adj :
(chiefly US, informal) Clumsy, oafish, or socially awkward; unattractive or unkempt.

#12: Your Weekly Vocabulary List

philopolemic , adj :
(rare) Exalting or supporting conflict or war. (rare) Fond of polemics or controversy.

curate’s egg , n :
(idiomatic) A thing which has good and bad parts, but is overall spoilt by the bad.

desiccate , v :
(transitive) To remove moisture from; to dry. (transitive) To preserve by drying. (intransitive, rare) To become dry; to dry up.

synaesthesia , n :
(neurology, psychology) A neurological or psychological phenomenon whereby a particular sensory stimulus triggers the second kind of sensation. (by extension) The association of one sensory perception with, or description of it in terms of, a different perception that is not experienced at the same time. (art, literature) A literary or artistic device whereby one kind of sensation is described in terms of another. Russian journalist and mnemonist Solomon Shereshevsky, who was said to experience a powerful form of synaesthesia in which stimulation of one of his senses produced a reaction in all the others, died on this day in 1958.

turn turtle , v :
(intransitive) Especially of a boat or ship, or some other vehicle: to turn upside down. (intransitive, figuratively) To fail; to go belly up. (intransitive, surfing) To roll upside down with one’s surfboard (usually a longboard) to allow a wave, especially a wave that has already broken, to pass over. (intransitive, historical) To capture a turtle by turning it on to its back. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles premiered as comic book characters this month 35 years ago in 1984.

Betteridge’s law , proper n :
(journalism) An adage stating that any headline ending in a question mark can be correctly answered by the word “no”. Today is World Press Freedom Day, which is recognized by the United Nations to raise awareness of the importance of freedom of the press and remind governments of their duty to respect and uphold the right to freedom of expression.

walking carpet , n :
(slang, derogatory or humorous) An exceptionally hairy person. May the Fourth – oops, the Force – be with you! Today is observed as Star Wars Day by fans of the franchise. Today is observed as Star Wars Day by fans of the franchise. English-American actor Peter Mayhew, who played the role of Chewbacca in the film series between 1977 and 2015, died on 30 April 2019.

#11: Your Weekly Vocabulary List

hector , v :
(transitive) To dominate or intimidate in a blustering way; to bully, to domineer. (intransitive) To behave like a hector or bully; to bluster, to swagger; to bully.

agrology , n :
(rare) A subdiscipline of agronomy (the science of utilizing animals, plants, and soils) and of soil science which addresses the influence of edaphic (soil-related) conditions on crop production for optimizing it. (chiefly Canada) The science and art of agriculture. Today is Earth Day, a day for observing the need to protect the Earth.

Gramarye , proper n :
(literary, Arthurian, rare) The island of Britain. Today is Saint George’s Day, the feast day of the patron saint of England.

loath , adj :
Averse, disinclined; reluctant, unwilling. (obsolete) Angry, hostile. (obsolete) Loathsome, unpleasant.

chur , interj :
(New Zealand, informal) A strong voicing of agreement, approval, or thanks: awesome!, cheers!, ta!, thanks!. (New Zealand, informal) A parting salutation: bye, see you later. Today is ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand, which commemorates the contributions and sacrifices of those who have served in wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations.

prozymite , n :
(Roman Catholicism, historical, derogatory) One who administers the Eucharist with leavened bread, in particular, a member of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Today is marked by the Eastern Orthodox Church in 2019 as Good Friday.

recrudescence , n :
The condition or state being recrudescent; the condition of something (often undesirable) breaking out again or re-emerging after temporary abatement or suppression. (medicine, by extension) The acute recurrence of a disease, or its symptoms, after a period of improvement. (botany) The production of a fresh shoot from a ripened spike.

#10: Your Weekly Vocabulary List

pang , v :
(transitive) To cause to have great pain or suffering; to torment, to torture.

mummy brown , n :
A brown pigment originally prepared from the ground-up remains of Egyptian animal or human mummies mixed with bitumen, etc. The colour of this pigment, a variable brown nearly intermediate between raw umber and burnt umber. mummy brown colour:   Today, the anniversary of the day Italian Renaissance polymath Leonardo da Vinci was born in 1452, is declared by the International Association of Art to be World Art Day to celebrate the fine arts.

boiling frog , n :
(idiomatic, often attributively) A person who, or thing which, is in a gradually worsening situation without any realization of the peril until it is too late.

implacable , adj :
Not able to be placated or appeased. Impossible to prevent or stop; inexorable, unrelenting, unstoppable. Adamant; immovable.

footbath , n :
The act of soaking or washing the feet. A small basin or bath designed for soaking or washing the feet. A liquid mixture, often medicinal, for soaking or washing the feet with. Today is Maundy Thursday in Western Christianity in 2019. It commemorates the maundy (foot-washing) which Jesus Christ performed on his disciples, and the Last Supper which they shared, the night before his crucifixion and death.

Bronx cheer , n :
(US, idiomatic) Synonym of raspberry (“a sound intended to resemble flatulence made by blowing air out of the mouth while the tongue is protruding from and pressed against the lips, used humorously or to express disdain or scorn”). On this day in 1912, Bronx County in New York City, New York, USA, was constituted, the change taking effect in 1914.

nauplius , n :
(zoology) A crustacean larva that has three pairs of locomotive organs (corresponding to antennules, antennae, and mandibles), a median eye, and little or no segmentation of the body.

#9: Your Weekly Vocabulary List

verklempt , adj :
(US, colloquial) Overcome with emotion, choked up. (US, colloquial) Flustered, nervous, overwhelmed.

couth , adj :
(obsolete) Familiar, known; well-known, renowned. (Scotland) Variant of couthie. Agreeable, friendly, pleasant. Comfortable; cosy, snug. […] Marked by or possessing a high degree of sophistication; cultured, refined.

imburse , v :
(transitive, obsolete) To put into a purse; to save, to store up. (transitive, obsolete) To give money to, to pay; to stock or supply with money. (transitive, obsolete) To pay back money that is owed; to refund, to repay, to reimburse.

loggerhead , n :
(obsolete) A stupid person; a blockhead, a dolt. A metal tool consisting of a long rod with a bulbous end that is made hot in a fire, then plunged into some material (such as pitch or a liquid) to melt or heat it. (nautical) A post on a whaling boat used to secure the harpoon rope. (botany, Midlands, dialectal) Often in plural: a thistle-like flowering plant of the genus Centaurea, particularly the common knapweed (Centaurea nigra). (zoology) Used as the name of various animals with large heads. The loggerhead duck or Falkland steamer duck (Tachyeres brachypterus; formerly Tachyeres cinereus), a species of steamer duck endemic to the Falkland Islands. The loggerhead kingbird (Tyrannus caudifasciatus), a bird endemic to the Caribbean and West Indies. The rufous-tailed flycatcher (Myiarchus validus), a bird endemic to Jamaica. The loggerhead shrike (Lanius ludovicianus), a bird endemic to North America. The loggerhead musk turtle (Sternotherus minor), a large-headed turtle endemic to the United States. The loggerhead sea turtle or loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta), an oceanic turtle found throughout the world.

sensical , adj :
That makes sense; showing internal logic; rational, sensible.

whelm , v :
(transitive) To bury, to cover; to engulf, to submerge. (transitive, obsolete) To throw (something) over a thing so as to cover it. (transitive, obsolete) To ruin or destroy. (intransitive) To overcome with emotion; to overwhelm.

wieldy , adj :
(obsolete except Britain, dialectal) Able to wield one’s body well; active, dexterous. Capable of being easily wielded or managed; handy.

#8: Your Weekly Vocabulary List

audiation , n :
(music) The comprehension and internal realization of music by an individual in the absence of any physical sound.

jibe , v :
(transitive) To reproach with contemptuous words; to deride, to mock, to taunt. (transitive) To say in a mocking or taunting manner. (intransitive) To make a mocking remark or remarks; to jeer. […] (intransitive, Canada, US, informal) To accord or agree.

impostor syndrome , n :
(psychology) A psychological phenomenon in which a person is unable to internalize his or her accomplishments, remaining convinced that he or she does not deserve any accompanying success.

ledger , n :
A book for keeping notes, especially one for keeping accounting records; a record book, a register. A large, flat stone, especially one laid over a tomb. (accounting) A collection of accounting entries consisting of credits and debits. (construction) A board attached to a wall to provide support for attaching other structural elements (such as deck joists or roof rafters) to a building. (fishing) Short for ledger bait (“fishing bait attached to a floating line fastened to the bank of a pond, stream, etc.”) or ledger line (“fishing line used with ledger bait for bottom fishing; ligger”).

Einsteinian , adj :
Of or relating to the German-born theoretical physicist Albert Einstein or his scientific theories. Albert Einstein, known for developing the theory of relativity, was born on this day 140 years ago in 1879.

slugabed , n :
(archaic, now chiefly Canada, US) A lazy person who lies in bed after the usual time for getting up; a sluggard. Today is World Sleep Day in 2019, an event organized by the World Sleep Society to highlight the benefits of healthy sleep and the burden of sleep problems and to promote the prevention and management of sleep disorders.

growl , v :
(intransitive) To utter a deep guttural sound, as an angry animal; to give forth an angry, grumbling sound. (intransitive, jazz) Of a wind instrument: to produce a low-pitched rumbling sound. (intransitive, software) To send a user a message via the Growl software library. (transitive) To express (something) by growling. (transitive, jazz) To play a wind instrument in a way that produces a low-pitched rumbling sound.

#7: Your Weekly Vocabulary List

triangulation , n :
(uncountable, surveying) A technique in which distances and directions are estimated from an accurately measured baseline and the principles of trigonometry. (countable, surveying) The network of triangles so obtained, that are the basis of a chart or map. (countable, chess) A delaying move in which the king moves in a triangular path to force the advance of a pawn. (uncountable, navigation, seismology) A process by which an unknown location is found using three known distances from known locations. (uncountable, politics) The practice of repositioning one’s group or oneself on the political spectrum in an attempt to capture the centre. (uncountable, qualitative research) The use of three (or more) researchers to interview the same people or to evaluate the same evidence to reduce the impact of individual bias.

not to put too fine a point on it , phrase :
(idiomatic) Used to apologize for a possibly impolite statement one is making.

dekulakize , v :
(transitive, historical) Usually with reference to the Soviet Union and communist Eastern Europe: to dispossess (a kulak, that is, a prosperous peasant) of his or her property and/or rights. Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, whose administration implemented policies of collectivization and dekulakization in the 1920s and 1930s, died on this day in 1953.

periodic table , n :
(chemistry) A tabular chart of the chemical elements according to their atomic numbers so that elements with similar properties are in the same group (column). On this day 150 years ago in 1869, Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev presented the first periodic table of elements to the Russian Chemical Society. In commemoration of this achievement, the United Nations General Assembly and UNESCO have proclaimed 2019 the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements.

nervous , adj :
Easily agitated or alarmed; edgy, on edge. Apprehensive, anxious, hesitant, worried. Relating to or affecting the nerves. (archaic) Having nerves; nervose. (obsolete) Showing nervous strength; sinewy, vigorous. (obsolete) Of a piece of writing: forceful, powerful.

muliebrity , n :
(literary) The state or quality of being a woman; the features of a woman’s nature; femininity, womanhood. (literary) The state of attainment of womanhood following maidenhood. (physiology) The state of puberty in a female. Today is designated by the United Nations as International Women’s Day, which commemorates the movement for women’s rights.

ply , v :
(transitive, obsolete) To bend; to fold; to mould; (figuratively) to adapt, to modify; to change (a person’s) mind, to cause (a person) to submit. (intransitive) To bend, to flex; to be bent by something, to give way or yield (to a force, etc.). […] (transitive) To work at (something) diligently. (transitive) To wield or use (a tool, a weapon, etc.) steadily or vigorously. (transitive) To press upon; to urge persistently. (transitive) To persist in offering something to, especially for the purpose of inducement or persuasion. (transitive, transport) To travel over (a route) regularly. (intransitive, obsolete) To work diligently. (intransitive, nautical, obsolete) To manoeuvre a sailing vessel so that the direction of the wind changes from one side of the vessel to the other; to work to windward, to beat, to tack.

#6: Your Weekly Vocabulary List

acquit , v :
(transitive) To declare or find innocent or not guilty. (transitive) To discharge (for example, a claim or debt); to clear off, to pay off; to fulfil. (transitive) Followed by of (and formerly by from): to discharge, release, or set free from a burden, duty, liability, or obligation, or from an accusation or charge. (reflexive) To bear or conduct oneself; to perform one’s part. (reflexive) To clear oneself. (transitive, archaic) past participle of acquit. (transitive, obsolete) To release, to rescue, to set free. (transitive, obsolete, rare) To pay for; to atone for.

pomander , n :
(countable, uncountable, historical) A mixture of aromatic substances, made into a ball and carried by a person to impart a sweet smell or as a protection against infection. (countable, historical) A small case in which an aromatic ball was carried. (countable) A perforated container filled with pot-pourri for placing in a drawer, wardrobe, room, etc., to provide a sweet smell. (countable) An apple or orange studded with cloves used for the same purpose.

skimble-skamble , adj :
Confused, chaotic, disorderly, senseless.

gigot , n :
A leg of lamb or mutton. (fashion) Short for gigot sleeve (“a type of sleeve shaped like a leg of mutton”).

brumous , adj :
(literary) Foggy or misty; wintry.

Cullen skink , n :
A thick soup made of smoked finnan haddock, milk, onions, and potatoes, a local speciality of Cullen in Moray, Scotland. Burns night is held on this date in celebration of the Scottish poet and lyricist Robert Burns (born 260 years ago on 25 January 1759), and usually involves Scottish foods and recitals of his poetry.

emu , n :
(obsolete) A cassowary (genus Casuarius). A large flightless bird native to Australia, Dromaius novaehollandiae. Today is Australia Day, the national day of Australia.

#5: Your Weekly Vocabulary List

supine , adj :
Lying on its back; reclined. (figuratively) Reluctant to take action due to indifference or moral weakness; apathetic or passive towards something; lazy, lethargic, listless. (rare, now poetic) Inclining or leaning backward; inclined, sloping.

auld lang syne , n :
(idiomatic) Days gone by; former times. Happy New Year’s Eve from all of us at Wiktionary!

New Year’s resolution , n :
A vow that one makes on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day for the coming year. Happy New Year from all of us at the Tech Urdu!

tumultuous , adj :
Characterized by loud, confused noise. Causing or characerized by tumult; chaotic, disorderly, turbulent.

castle in the air , n :
(idiomatic) A desire, idea, or plan that is unlikely to ever be realized; a visionary project or scheme; a daydream, an idle fancy, a near impossibility.

prescient , adj :
Exhibiting or possessing prescience: having knowledge of, or seemingly able to correctly predict, events before they take place.

puffling , n :
A young puffin. Today is National Bird Day in the United States, which was started by the Avian Welfare Coalition and Born Free USA to improve the welfare of birds in captivity.

#4: Your Weekly Vocabulary List

dame , n :
(Britain) Usually capitalized as Dame: a title equivalent to Sir for a female knight. (Britain) A matron at a school, especially Eton College. (Britain, theater) In traditional pantomime: a melodramatic female often played by a man in drag. (US, dated, informal, slightly derogatory) A woman. (archaic) A lady, a woman. English actress Dame Judi Dench was born on this day in 1934. She was appointed Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1988.

deperm , v :
(transitive, chiefly nautical) To degauss or demagnetize; especially, to degauss a ship by dragging a large powered electrical cable along its side.

elevenses , n :
(Britain, informal) A short mid-morning break taken around eleven o’clock for a drink or light snack.

fard , v :
(transitive, archaic) To paint, as the cheeks or face. (transitive, archaic) To embellish or gloss over.

plaque , n :
(countable) Any flat, thin piece of clay, ivory, metal, etc., used for ornament, or for painting pictures upon, as a dish, plate, slab, etc., hung upon a wall; also, a smaller decoration worn by a person, such as a brooch. (countable) A piece of flat metal with writing on it, attached to a building, monument, or other structure to remind people of a person or an event. (countable, biology) A clearing in a bacterial lawn caused by a virus. (countable, music) In the Hornbostel–Sachs classification system: any flat, thin musical instrument. (countable, pathology) A broad patch of abnormal tissue distinguishable from surrounding tissue, especially a broad papule (“inflamed, irritated patch”) on the skin. (countable, uncountable, pathology) An abnormal accumulation of material in or on an organ of the body, often associated with disease. (countable, uncountable, pathology) An accumulation in artery walls made up of macrophage cells and debris containing lipids, (cholesterol and fatty acids), calcium, and connective tissue; an atheroma. (uncountable, dentistry) An accumulation of biofilm, or bacteria, on teeth.

defervesce , v :
(intransitive, medicine) To experience an abatement or resolution of fever. (intransitive, figuratively) To become less agitated; to cool down.

sinew , n :
(anatomy) A cord or tendon of the body. A cord or string, particularly (music) as of a musical instrument. (figuratively) muscular power, muscle; nerve, nervous energy; vigor, vigorous strength. (figuratively, often in the plural) That which gives strength or in which strength consists; a supporting factor or member; mainstay.

#3: Your Weekly Vocabulary List

chatelaine , n :
(dated) The mistress of a castle or large household. (historical) A chain or clasp worn at the waist by women with a handkerchief, keys, etc., attached, supposed to resemble the chain of keys once worn by medieval chatelaines.

illustrious , adj :
Admired, distinguished, respected, or well-known, especially due to past achievements or noble qualities.

mirative , n :
(uncountable, grammar) A grammatical mood that expresses (surprise at) unexpected revelations or new information. (countable, grammar) (An instance of) a form of a word which conveys this mood.

Martian , adj :
Of or relating to the planet Mars, or (science fiction) its imagined inhabitants. (astrology) Pertaining to the astrological influence of the planet Mars; aggressive, bellicose. (obsolete) Pertaining to battle or war; martial, military. On 26 November 2018, the robotic lander InSight successfully touched down on the surface of Mars, on a mission to study the deep interior of the planet.

bivious , adj :
(rare) Having, or leading, two ways.

loch , n :
(Scotland) A lake. (Scotland) A bay or arm of the sea. Today is Saint Andrew’s Day, Scotland’s national day.

Playboy Bunny , n :
A waitress at a Playboy Club, characteristically dressed in a strapless teddy, black pantyhose, cuffs, a collar and bowtie, bunny ears, and a short, fluffy tail. The first issue of Playboy magazine was published this month 65 years ago in 1953.

#2: Your Weekly Vocabulary List

elevenses , n :
(Britain, informal) A short mid-morning break taken around eleven o’clock for a drink or light snack.

overproof , adj :
Possessing a higher proportion of alcohol than proof spirit.

hydrophobia , n :
(pathology) An aversion to water, as a symptom of rabies; the disease of rabies itself. (psychology, colloquial) A morbid fear of water; aquaphobia.

fruiterer , n :
(Britain) One who sells fruit. Eat a healthy piece of fruit! Today is recognized by the United Nations as World Diabetes Day to raise awareness about diabetes.

high roller , n :
(Canada, US, informal, gambling) A gambler who wagers large amounts of money, usually in a casino. (Canada, US, informal) One who has a lot of money and lives luxuriously. “The Gambler”, written by Don Schlitz, was released by American country singer Kenny Rogers on this day 40 years ago in 1978 and became one of his signature songs.

seasteading , n :
The creation of permanent dwellings at sea, especially outside the territory claimed by any national government. The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea came into force on this day in 1984.

monopsony , n :
(economics) A market situation in which there is only one buyer for a product; also, such a buyer. (economics) A buyer with disproportionate power. British classics scholar Bertrand Hallward, who coined the word, died on this day 15 years ago in 2003.

#1: Your Weekly Vocabulary List

troth , n :
(countable, archaic) An oath, pledge, or promise. (countable, specifically) A pledge or promise to marry someone. (countable, specifically) The state of being thus pledged; betrothal, engagement. (countable, uncountable) Truth; something true.

mickle , adv :
(archaic, now chiefly Scotland) To a great extent. (obsolete) Frequently, often.

aquaponics , n :
(agriculture) A sustainable food production system that combines traditional aquaculture with hydroponics, with effluent from the water in which fish are reared being used as nutrition for plants. Today is recognized by the United Nations as World Food Day to highlight the importance of food security and good nutrition, and the need for action against hunger.

wheelie , n :
(informal) A stunt where a bicycle, motorcycle, or other vehicle is ridden for a short period while it is standing only on its rear wheel or wheels. (informal, chiefly Australia) A wheelchair user. American motorcycle stunt performer Evel Knievel was born on this day 80 years ago in 1938.

demimonde , n :
(chiefly historical (19th-century France)) A class of women maintained by wealthy protectors; female courtesans or prostitutes as a group. (by extension) A group having little respect or reputation. (by extension) A member of such a class or group of persons.

list , v :
(transitive) To create or recite a list. (transitive) To place in listings. (transitive) To sew together, as strips of cloth, so as to make a show of colours, or to form a border. (transitive) To cover with list, or with strips of cloth; to put list on; to stripe as if with list. (transitive, agriculture) To plough and plant with a lister. (transitive, agriculture, chiefly Southern US) To prepare (land) for a cotton crop by making alternating beds and alleys with a hoe. (transitive, carpentry) To cut away a narrow strip, as of sapwood, from the edge of. (transitive, military) To enclose (a field, etc.) for combat. (transitive, obsolete) To engage a soldier, etc.; to enlist. (intransitive, obsolete) To engage in public service by enrolling one’s name; to enlist.

potsherd , n :
(often archaeology) A piece of ceramic from pottery, often found on an archaeological site. Today, the third Saturday of October in 2018, is International Archaeology Day.

Which of the above words were new for you, let us know in comments below. Also, share amazing words with us, we’ll feature these in the next edition of Your Weekly Vocabulary List.

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