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How to Pin Any File From Your Phone or URL Link to Home Screen?

There are some websites/blogs/posts that we visit most often. Well, now it has become really easy to access these in just one click with the help of a very simple mobile application ‘Shorty‘.

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Shorty, as the name suggests, lets you create simple shortcuts on your Android device. The app essentially lets you pin URLs, files, photos, texts, etc. to your home screen, so that you can have them ready at all times. It’s really handy.

Shorty allows you to pin any file from your phone or URL link to the home application. Simply install Shorty and share some file or text from any application.

Depending on the file type you can also customize the appearance of the icon. There are three possible icon styles:
• text – write up to 10 characters,
• thumbnail – depends on the type of file,
• preview – currently supported only for images.

You can also pick icon background color and write custom label which will be displayed in your home app.

To use this app, simply share the desired item with the app. Then head over to the app to create a shortcut. Once done, you’ll see that the shortcut shows up on the home screen like an app icon, which you can then move around. Obviously, the app is not for everyone but surely gets the job done.

Shorty Free Download Link:


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