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Zhongli – FAQ

Zhongli – FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Zhongli hard to get?

So, what are those odds? The odds of pulling any 5 star character in a Genshin Impact banner is 0.6%. The odds in a “featured character” banner like Zhongli’s that the 5 star you get will be Zhongli is 50%.

Can Zhongli heal?

With this constellation, Zhongli’s Jade Shield now has the ability to heal party members when taking damage, transforming him into one of the best shielders and healers in the game. Using Zhongli in a support role allows you to safely attack with any DPS character.

Is Zhongli rich?

He holds very philosophical ideas towards money and has great respect for Liyue’s traditions, including those that have been forgotten or warped during the passage of time. Despite his wealth of information, Zhongli tends to be humble and even seems somewhat insecure about being a, as he puts it, “bourgeois parasite.”

Is Zhongli good?

Zhongli is one of the most handsome Genshin Impact characters and is set to be a fairly formidable geo DPS option with the much-needed buffs he received in update 1.3. Until we’ve had a chance to try out the buffed Zhongli, we recommend using him as a support character due to his geo shield and petrification abilities.

Will Zhongli get buffed?

Normal, Plundge, Charged Attacks will be scaling of Zhongli’s HP with the new adjustments. The damage will be increased by 1.39% of Zhongli’s Max HP. This will make Zhongli deal more damage making him function as an effective DPS-Tank.

Is Zhongli worth pulling?

He’s not an SS tier carry or anything, but he’s better than A tier. If you don’t have a good geo character, then he’s definitely worth building. If you haven’t been building up spear weapons, that’s also another thing in his favour since he won’t compete with anyone else for gear.

Is Zhongli a good character in Genshin Impact?

Yes. There’s no way around it, from what we’ve seen in previews, Zhongli will be one of the greatest characters to ever grace Genshin Impact. His normal attacks both look amazingly cool and deal quick damage to foes, clearing the battlefield with ease.

What tier is Zhongli?


Diona, Fischl, Jean, Keqing, Ningguang, Qiqi, Razor, Xiangling, Zhongli
Barbara, Beidou, Chongyun, Kaeya, Noelle, Sucrose, Xinyan
Lisa, Traveller

How old is Zhongli?

Zhongli is a five star rated geo-elemental character in Genshin Impact. Zhongli aka Morax or the Geo Archon is more than 6000 years old.

Is Zhongli an Adepti?

Zhongli is USED TO BE an Ultimate Adepti until he becomes an Archon. He was an adepti before he ascended to be an Archon and to be the God of Contracts.

Is Zhongli playable?

Zhongli, a five-star character who players will know as a big part of the game’s major storyline in Chapter 1, will now get his own featured event banner called “Gentry of Hermitage”. The new banner features Zhongli as its main 5-star character, meaning players will have an increased chance to add him to their rosters.

Is Zhongli a morax?

Morax is also the source and namesake of Teyvat’s currency, the Mora. … Currently, Morax resides in Liyue Harbor as Zhongli, working at the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor as a consultant.

What role is Zhongli?

Zhongli is defined as more of a support character, and the core of the support role is the ability to protect other characters in the Party.

Is Zhongli limited?

As we know, the Childe Tartaglia banner is currently available as a limited-time character banner in Genshin Impact. However, it’s also worth noting that this gives us a pretty good idea of the timeline for the Zhongli banner.

Why does Childe call Zhongli Sensei?

In Japanese, Zhongli is called Shouri, with the “sensei” honorific reflecting his status as a respected consultant.

Is vortex vanquisher good for Zhongli?

Zhongli and his weapon of choice, Vortex Vanquisher are among them. According to the game lore of Genshin Impact, this sharp polearm can seemingly pierce through anything.

Who is Zhongli lover?


Zhongli once had a lover, the God of Dust, Guizhong (Oh and she Made the Guizhong Ballista) she was known to be a very wise god that has well understanding about Agriculture.

What are the Best Weapons for Zhongli?

Zhongli is a polearm-wielding character, so you have a few spears to consider. The best weapon options for Zhongli are most likely polearms with Energy Recharge secondary stats. One ideal choice is the legendary 5-star Skyward Spine.

Is Zhongli Geo Archon?

Players were delighted to discover in Update 1.1 that (spoilers) Zhongli has actually secretly been the Geo Archon this entire time, Rex Lapis, meaning that if you have both him and Venti on your team, you will have two elemental Archons making up half your squad.

How long does the Zhongli banner last?

The Zhongli banner in Genshin Impact, Gentry of Hermitage, will begin on December 1, 18:00 (server time). The banner will last till December 22, at 14:59:59 (server time). First, the pity counter transfers from one Limited banner to another. Secondly, the pity counter limit is still 90.

Who is Zhongli Genshin impact?

Zhongli (Simplified Chinese: 钟离 / Traditional Chinese: 鍾離) is likely named after Zhongli Quan (Simplified Chinese: 锺离权 / Traditional Chinese: 鍾離權), one of the Eight Immortals — a group of eight legendary Xian in Taoist mythology. In the Chinese version of Genshin Impact, the adepti are depicted as xian.

Is skyward spine good for Zhongli?

The best polearms in Genshin Impact for Zhongli should also focus on raising his ATK stats and increasing his damage output. The Skyward Spine can make a great weapon for him, since it increases CRIT by 8% and ATK SPD by 12%, and also gives Normal and Charged Attacks a chance to deal 40% of ATK as AoE damage.

Did Zhongli kill Gui Zhong?

We know that she died in a battle during the Archon War, with Zhongli by her side as she spoke her last words. Her death caused Guili Assembly to fall and forced Zhongli to move the survivors to Liyue Harbor.

Is archaic Petra good for Zhongli?

Archaic Petra boosts all Geo damage by 15 percent at two pieces. If you can collect four pieces, Zhongli will provide a 35 percent damage boost to all party members upon creating a Crystallize reaction. For Geo teams, this set is a massive boon, making Zhongli the essential star of your party.

What is the best spear for Zhongli?

Skyward Spine
Energy Recharge
Primordial Jade Winged-Spear
Crescent Pike
Physical Damage Bonus

Is Dragonspine Spear good for Zhongli?

If you plan to use him as DPS, Crescent Spike is unbeatable, but dragonspine spear is good too.

Is Crescent Pike good for Zhongli?

How do you obtain the Crescent Pike or Primordial Jade Winged-Spear weapons? Ideally, Zhongli would be equipped with the Primordial Jade Winged-Spear. Even without refinement, it has a great effect. It’s a craftable weapon that boosts Zhongli’s attack by 20 percent after picking up an Elemental Orb.

Why is Zhongli broke?

He often ends up relying on others or the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor as financial support. It is later revealed that Zhongli’s carelessness stems from the fact as he was the sole creator of Mora as the Geo Archon by using his Gnosis, so he never had to worry about running low on his personal finances as a god.

What does the name Zhongli mean?

zhòng lì high interest huge profit to value money highly.

What are the best artifacts for Zhongli?

Which artifact set should you use? The Archaic Petra set is the best choice for Zhongli in a DPS or support role. If you’d like a physical damage boost, feel free to try out Gladiator’s Finale. Two equipped: Geo damage is boosted by 15%.

Is Zhongli powerful?

One aspect of Zhongli that makes him extremely powerful as a support character is his ability to create shields that scale depending on his max health. This means you can protect any of your weaker characters with shields that can withstand over 20,000 damage once set up correctly.

What are Zhongli – Skills / Talents?

Dominus Lapidis
Elemental Skill
Planet Befall
Elemental Burst
Resonant Waves
Passive Skill 1
Dominance of Earth
Passive Skill 2

What talent material does Zhongli use?

Zhongli requires Slime Condensate, Slime Secretions, and Slime Concentrate throughout leveling up his character. These are necessities in both increasing his talent level and ascending his level cap. All three items are found by killing slimes.

What are the Zhongli abilities?

Zhongli is a DPS Geo Polearm user. He can rapidly attack foes with physical damage using his Polearm. His Elemental Skill allows him to summon Geo constructs that can block enemy attacks, attack foes, and create shields for your party.

What is Zhongli voice actor?

Keith Silverstein is the English dub voice of Zhongli in Genshin Impact, and Tomoaki Maeno is the Japanese voice.

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