Xiaomi is Launching New Gaming Phones 2022

Xiaomi Is Launching New Gaming Phones 2022.Xiaomi teased another round of video games focused smartphones. In a post, the company said We’ve been teasing them for quite some time. And that this one, called Black Shark 5 & 5 Pro would be coming to global markets sometime soon. They didn’t give much details about when or where these phones would first release – only hinting at what they can do based on previous products and how much they’re launching it later this month.

Black Shark Malaysia announced on their account – they were launching at two separate events in both Kuala Lumpur and Shanghai live streamed simultaneously through TikTok and Facebook respectively. They hinted specs wouldn’t change much from its predecessor, promising high-end smartphone features such as UHD panels and strong battery life.Xiaomi is Launching New Gaming PhonesXiaomi has announced that it will launch gaming phones in 2022, following the launch of its Mi Mix 3 5G smartphone earlier this year. Speaking at Xiaomi’s annual global press conference,

Xiaomi is Launching New Gaming Phones

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Xiaomi is Launching New Gaming Phones 2022

Even though those might not seem like many changes – new models always attract attention because of how saturated smartphone industry is right now and customers are willing to spend more money than ever with inflation rates around the world creeping up exponentially every day.

Xiaomi is known for making inexpensive yet quality mobile devices that appeal to the youth. They’ve followed this trend through with their recent release of the Poco F4 GT, at a much lower price than competitors. With smartphones becoming cheaper than ever in China, Xiaomi decided it was time to launch them internationally – so watch out!
Starting next week on June 8th, they’re releasing new phone brands made just for gamers called Black Shark 5 and 5 Pro around Malaysia. Though these mobile devices are aimed at gamers (not everyone can afford one), they still manage to offer relatively low prices in comparison to some other gaming phones due to high competition among manufactures.Xiaomi is Launching New Gaming Phones 2022
Black Shark 5 will have a 64MP main camera, an 8MP ultrawide shooter, and a 5MP telemacro lens while Black Shark Pro will get 108MP main sensor (along with 13Mp Ultrawide). The battery specifications vary across both models but take advantage of Qualcomm quick charge technology.

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