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Don’t open this WhatsApp message – ‘black dot’ text could crash your smartphone

Don’t open this WhatsApp message – ‘black dot’ text could crash or hang your smartphone “kon kehta hai apka mobile hang nhi hota – Don’t touch here”

WhatsApp Black Dot Bug Message Your Phone will Crash or Hang - Tech Urdu - WhatsApp ‘black dot’ text

Scroll Down to get a detailed insight of WhatsApp ‘black dot’ text bug in hindi/urdu.

WhatsApp ‘black dot’ text

WhatsApp users should be on the lookout for a new WhatsApp ‘black dot’ text bug that could potentially crash their phones.

This sneaky flaw has been plaguing users since the weekend and can usually be identified via a black dot in the center of a WhatsApp message.

According to throngs of Reddit users, the message works by hiding within a bunch of characters, masquerading as a ‘text bomb’ which once tapped on will expand and cause the app to overload and perhaps even your phone to freeze.

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Based on user reports, there are several variations of the message so it’s hard to know what exactly to look out for. However one of the most common versions is the aforementioned black dot variety (pictured above).

WhatsApp itself hasn’t yet made any official comment on the bug or issued a patch to protect users against it, but we will be updating this article with what to do as soon as it does.

You simply need to restart your phone to bring it back to normal if the message has caused it to freeze. Otherwise simple go to recent Apps and close WhatsApp (or simply press the main menu key – I did this on my Note-8).

None of the users who have been victim to the bug have reported any lost data or potential hack.

The discovery of the Whatsapp black dot bug arrives after a string of bad news for the messaging app.

WhatsApp ‘black dot’ text bug Video

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