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Vignette Ads – Importance, Tips & Effects on Revenue

Vignette Ads

Vignette (read as: vee·nyet) ads are mobile full-screen ads that appear between page loads and can be skipped by users at any time.

Vignettes ads are displayed when the user leaves a page, rather than when they arrive on one, so the user doesn’t have to wait for them to load.

Google limits the number of vignettes per user to maintain a good user experience.

Latest Changes in Vignette Ads (Performance)

Recently, Google has made two amazing changes to Vignettes Ads to improve its monetisation performance. These changes include:

  1. Google has conducted some experiments. Based on the results of those experiments, Google has updated the limit to show vignettes to users once per hour per site.
  2. Until now, vignettes were only shown to users between page loads within the same site. Google now also show vignettes to users who are between page loads when they navigate to a different site.

Setting up Vignette Ads

First Method

Follow these steps to set up vignette ads on your site:

  1. Sign in to your AdSense Account.
  2. Go to Ads and then Overview
  3. Click on Edit > Settings Preview
  4. Turn on Auto Ads
  5. Go to Ad Formats
  6. From here turn on Vignette Ads

Second Method

You can also add vignette ads ad formats on your WordPress sites using Vignette Ads WordPress Plugin.

Using this plugin you can add your Vignette Ads and Anchor/Overlay Ads code to the header of your website.

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[VIDEO] Vignette (AdSense) Ads – Importance, Set Up, Tips and Effect on Revenue [Urdu/Hindi]


  • [0:27] What are Vignette Ads?
  • [1:35] Example of Anchor / Overlay Ads (on mobile)
  • [1:46] Example of Vignette Ads (on mobile)
  • [2:23] How to enable Vignette Ads in Google AdSense (on Blogger/WordPress sites)?
  • [3:33] How to enable Auto Ads?
  • [3:53] Auto Ads Ad Formats – In-page Ads | Matched Content | Anchor Ads | Vignette Ads.
  • [5:12] Understand Ad Load in Google AdSense
  • [6:08] WordPress Plugin to add Vignette Ads
  • [6:44] Improvements in VIgnette Ads (by Google)

Vignette Ads – FAQ

What does vignette mean?

In literature, a vignette (pronounced vin-yet) is a short scene that captures a single moment or a defining detail about a character, idea, or other element of the story. 

Can vignette ads affect my sites ranking?

Vignette ad formats are associated with auto-ads. You can limit their number and besides you site visitors have the option to skip these without any delays at any times. So, these should not affect your sites ranking rather a wise use can increase your earnings.

How can I add/enable vignette ads on my site?

As explained above, you can add these ads by going to Ads > Overview > Edit > Settings Preview > Turn on Auto Ads > Ad Formats > Turn on Vignette Ads
You can also add these ad formats using Vignette Ads WordPress Plugin

What are vignette ads?

Vignette (read as: vee·nyet) ads are mobile full-screen ads that appear between page loads and can be skipped by users at any time.

What are Anchor/Overlay ads?

These are Mobile Ads that stick to the edge of the user’s screen and are easily dismissable.

Courtesy: Google

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