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Verse by Verse – Using Google AI – Write Your Own Poems

Did you know that Google’s New AI Web App Can Help You Write Your Own Poems? Google, as we all know, has been working on AI-based technologies for quite some time now. So, if you have only one nice opening line for your haiku, this new AI-based web-app by the Mountain View-based giant can help you add the other two lines automatically. So, if you want to write your masterpiece, you can check out Verse by Verse from right here.

Verse by Verse

Verse by Verse An experimental AI-powered muse that helps you compose poetry inspired by classic American poets. Verse by Verse is an experiment in human-AI collaboration for writing poetry. We have created a cadre of AI poets, trained on the poems of many of America’s classical poets, to work alongside you in writing poetry.

Each poet will try to offer suggestions that they think would best continue a poem in the style of that given poet. As such, try working with different poets to see whose style best meshes with your own. Explore what works best for you when composing the poem. You can try using the poets’ suggestions (including editing them to better match your style!), or write your own inspired by what they suggest.

While this might not help you find the Wordsworth within you, it might kickstart your imagination. Verse by Verse, as Google says, “is an experimental AI-powered muse that helps you compose poetry inspired by classic American Poets.” However, I really hope they become more inclusive when it comes to picking poets for inspiration.

Semantic Experiences

In Verse by Verse, you are given the opportunity to compose poetry in collaboration with classic American poets like Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allen Poe, and many more. These poets will act as your muses, making suggestions of verses as you write a poem.

Verse by Verse screenshot -  Google Semantic Experiences -
Verse by Verse screenshot – Google Semantic Experiences –

In this application, there are two models at work. One model, a generative model, was trained on classic poetry in order to learn how to create novel verses in the style of our cadre of poets. The other model, which uses the same semantic understanding technology as our other applications, was trained to semantically understand which verses best follow the previously written line of verse.

Enjoy trying to write poetry with different poets. Each poet has their own individual style. You will probably find most enjoyment when you treat the poets as partners, going back and forth with your own verses and their suggestions. Feel free to write your own verses, use their suggestions, or use the suggestions even as inspirations as you write your own.

Please keep in mind that Verse by Verse is an experiment in how to use machine learning as a creative partner. You may encounter some issues and oddities with the response it generates. If you encounter bugs, please use the feedback tool which you’ll find in the upper right-hand corner (an exclamation point in a word bubble).

How does Verse by Verse work?

Google integrated a combination of two machine learning models: a generator trained on well-acclaimed poetry and a second model that helps you decide which verse will fit your poem.

Now, this is how it works. After choosing up to three classic poets as inspiration, you have to select a form, rhyme scheme, and syllable count. This will bring you to the last step, which is feeding the AI-system your opening line. As shown in the video below.

The app will take your lines and will complete the entire verse all by itself. So now, you can hit the complete button and add a suitable title for your creation.

I am no poet but I really wanted to give this a go. Hence, for my creation. Using a song by Westlife (Day after Day) I created the first two lines. For the next two lines, I selected from the suggestions generated by the AI. And this is how it went:

Using AI – Write Your Own Poems with Google AI Web App
Courtesy: Tech Urdu YouTube Channel

[VIDEO] Using AI – Write Your Own Poems with Google AI Web App [Hindi/Urdu]


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