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?Understand YouTube Earnings 2017 ?1000 SUBSCRIBERS? [Urdu/Hindi]

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1000 Subscribers | Thanks and Hugs

First of all Congratulations and Thank You So Much for your Love and Support to help us reach 1000+ 
SUBSCRIBERS. It is indeed a great achievement not only for me but for everyone who is a part of this +1000 Family. Today I’ll be sharing with you guys some very interesting stuff that you’ll observe once you reach 1000 Subscribers. If you are a YouTuber, particularly, and having less than 1000 Subscribers then this is much read/watch for you.

Things You Feel once you reach 1000 Subscribers

You’ll feel great once you reach 1000 Subscribers milestone like you’ll see ‘K’ with numbers like 1K = 1000 Subscribers. YouTube will also send you a Congratulations Message. I’ve also received it and here is how it looks like:

1000 Subscribers - email

YouTube has divided different Subscribers Achievements into different Categories or Levels called Benefit Levels. The level from 1000 Subs to 10000 Subscribers is called OPAL. There are others above 10,000 Subs and so on as shown.

Subscriber Benefit Levels

OPAL Benefit Level

Once you enter into OPAL category you’ll get these benefits.

Opal Benefits

See Also: YouTube Creator Benefit Levels

Understanding YouTube / Website / Blog Earnings (YouTube Earnings 2017)

There are a number of theories about YouTube, Website or Blog Earnings. When you watch videos of even Top YouTubers you will listen to different statements. Similarly, if you search on google and read about it you well ultimately get confused who is right and who is wrong in his words.

During this journey of YouTube and Blogging (though I am new Blogger) I tried to learn this whole phenomenon. Since I was earning slowly so it gave me time to understand things accordingly. What I’ve learnt so far I’ll share with you. I will give examples of YouTube Earnings side by side a Blog Earnings methodology.

How YouTube pays us for making videos?

You have heard a very common statement particularly more common in this part of the World India, Pakistan etc that YouTube pays $1 for 1000 views; or maybe some other statements. Well I’ll share with 
you the detailed procedure with examples whether this statement is correct or not, and if correct then to how much extent as YouTube/Blog Earning is somehow a complex procedure and there is no yardstick to measure it.

How to Check YouTube/Blog Earning?

When you create your YouTube Channel and Monetize it after getting 10,000 Views you will be eligible to monetize your videos ie you enable YouTube Ads to be displayed on your videos and then your earning is started. For a Google Blog, which is totally FREE, you just have to create a Gmail Account and start writing your articles and later you apply to Adsense. Once your request is approved you will start earning from your Blog as well.

See also: How to Create a Blog Step-by-Step (From Beginners to Advanced Levels)

OK, so your YouTube Channel Videos / Blog Posts are once approved for Monetization, now you can check your earning from YouTube Creator Studio (for YouTube Videos Only), or on Adsense (for both). The earnings shown on Socialblade or Vid IQ are mostly not accurate. These just give idea how much a YouTuber earns. As far as my experience is these values are mostly exaggerated.

So you can check earning on Channel Analytics and in Revenue Tab.

YouTube Analytics Revenue

Since I’m trying to explain to you how YouTube pays us so here in YT Analytics it is really confusing, especially for a new YouTuber. Similarly, you can check your actual earning on Google Adsense. Again explaining YT Earnings is a little bit confusing. I will be explaining the whole process on Google Adsense Mobile App (Download links for Android and iOS Devices given above).

Google Adsense Mobile App

Understanding YouTube/Blog earning is much easier on this App. As with some few basic terms and statistics, it becomes really easy to check and understand these earnings.

Estimated Earnings

Estimated Earnings - Adsense

The earnings you on this screen is not your YouTube Earnings rather it is one of your Blogs. Now the earnings you see are of one of my new Blogs. Actually, what I post on my main Tech Urdu Blog (which is not monetized yet) I share on my that blog which is monetized.

If you have a YouTube Channel then you must create a blog and share your content on it. In this way, you can earn from your blog as well. Also creating a blog is very easy and I’ve made a detailed video of it. So it is better to create a FREE blog and share your YT Videos on it and earn from it without any extra efforts.

Page Views

Page Views is the number of views on your YouTube videos / Blog.

Page Views - Adsense


The next page is about impression.

Impressions - Adsense

Impression simply means a VIEW or DISPLAY of any Ad on your YouTube video or blog.

Impression on Tech Urdu Blog
Impression on Tech Urdu Blog

Now on this blog, you see Ads. These are impressions. You see ads or banner on YouTube Videos these are also impressions. For Today’s (till now) 565 views there are 409 impressions which are good.


Not everyone clicks on these ads unless he is interested in it. Clicking on any Ad is important and makes a large part of the Earnings.

Clicks - Adsense

For Today these are the number of clicks (out of 409 only 16 click) on my Blog or YT Videos (usually on YT Videos as Blog is not so active or popular). Clicking does not always mean ‘to click’ watching an Ad (skip-able or not) before a YouTube Video is also a Click and it gives even more earnings.

Page CTR

Next page is very interesting. Till now I haven’t told you how much YT gives just letting you understand some basic terms. Page CTR = Click Through Rates (It is very 

Page CTR - Adsense

This is simply a percentage of your Total click on your Total Views (16/565)*100 = 2.83%

Remember never click on your own Ads. Though it gives more earnings yet it can ban your YT Channel of AdSense account. Also if you see a skip-able video on your YT video don’t watch it and skip it at once (if other people watch it then it is OK).

So CTR is simply a percentage of your Total click on your total views. It is important to note that If your CTR% crosses 15% it is critical. Immediately off your Channel Monetization and let it cool down to below 10%.

Though more CTR means more Earnings yet above 15% is critical. Some unhappy friends usually do this by clicking on your ads continuously and want to harm your hard work. So check your CTR regularly (daily basis).

Impression CTR

Impression CTR is similar to Page CTR. Here Impressions are taken instead of Click.

Impression CTR - Adsense

NOW THE EARNINGS PART, The first one is:


CPC (Cost Per Click) shows you how much you earn by a single click on any Ad displayed on your YT Video or Blog.

CPC - Adsense

1 click on Ad = $ 0.01 (for my channel right now in Pakistan – it varies from place to place and if you’re more regular in posting videos or posing more articles your CPC increases). Watching a Skip-able Ad on YT Videos is also a Click.

Remember: On websites/blogs your CPC is greater than compared to YT CPC. For my case, I’ve seen 0.03 and mostly 0.05 CPC on my Blog. In USA etc CPC even reaches up to $5 mostly above $1. Also, CPC depends upon the type of Ad and the Advertiser.


It is the second thing that counts in your Earnings.

Page revenue per thousand impressions (RPM) is calculated by dividing your estimated earnings by the number of page views you received, then multiplying by 1000. For example, if you earned an estimated $0.15 from 25 page views, then your page RPM would equal ($0.15 / 25) * 1000, or $6.00. RPM is Revenue Per 1000 Views on Videos (or Blog visits).

Page RPM - Adsense

Now you see for 1000 views = $0.22 You have mostly heard 1000 views = $1. So now you see it is not constant it varies. Also, see my Yesterday’s RPM and Lifetime RPM.

If 1000 people visit my blog I get $0.30. And if someone clicks on any Ad I get $0.01 and if 1000 Ads are viewed I get $0.76. THAT IS ALL!

Impression RPM

Impression RPM - Adsense

The last thing is Impression RPM which mean 1000 Impressions = $0.22 My Lifetime Impression are $0.76 which shows usually my Impressions are more than it (cross $1).

Now from Lifetime Views, Impressions and Clicks you can GUESS Total Earnings of any YouTuber.

YouTube Studio Ap

When we reached 500 Subscriber, I reviewed about YT Studio Ap. By YT Studio App you can manage your YT Channel in a better way on your smartphone. (The Download links for Android and iOS Devices are given at the Top of the Post).

Let me share something very interesting with you. Open YT Studio and go to Revenue Tab.

YouTube Studio Analytics

Now for last 28 Days, my CPM (Cost per 1000 
Views) for Pakistan is $0.89

YouTube Studio 28 days CPM

Now See something really surprising. Go to Lifetime CPM and see the WOW!

YouTube Studio Lifetime CPM

So you see how much the CPM varies from country to country. It means where your videos are watched you Earnings is dependent on it. If we talk about views, mostly my views above 60% come from Pakistan. India is at Second while the USA is at the third number. Also, you’ll be wondering why I’m getting higher CPM from the USA is because of the SUBTITLES I add in my Videos that help non-Urdu people to understand what my video is about. So a quick TIP to add Subtitles to your videos.

One last thing these all statistics are on my Channel only. For your case, it may be more or less. This is just an idea how YT Earnings are complex.

So, guys, this was all about YouTube Earnings 2017 I’m sure you have learnt new things. Do Subscribe to the Blog and YouTube Channel for more such interesting stuff.

In This Video You will know the detailed process of How YouTube or Blog Earnings (YouTube Earnings 2017) with Practical Examples. This video is in Hindi/Urdu yet with English Subtitles.


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