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Top 10 Most Sold Phones of All Time

So, prior to jumping into the list, I’m sure you have something going on in your mind about The List. Or, you can guess a few of these Top 10 Most Sold Phones of All Time.

The 10 most sold phones of all time are likely not the ones you think. Because, if you are an Android User, then you’ll be disappointed here. Even the top Android Phones including the Samsung Galaxy S or Note Series could not make it to The List and nor did any other Android handset.

The list has been compiled with the help of data compiled by The Telegraph Android Authority and various other sources.

Top 10 Most Sold Phones of All Time


Motorola-Razr-V3 - Tech Urdu

With 130+ MILLION UNITS SOLD, The Motorola Razr V3 was an icon of its time. The device’s gorgeous design stood out from the crowd and made it one of the most successful phones ever. The Razr V3 can’t compare with today’s handsets in specs, but it was among the best around back in the day.

Motorola Razr V3 was not only is it the 10th most sold phone of all time, it’s also the highest selling flip phone ever.

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NOKIA 2600

Nokia-2600- Tech Urdu

Released in 2004, the Nokia 2600 didn’t offer much — at least not by today’s standards. It was a simple device with the sturdy body Nokia devices were known for and small 1.5-inch display. It didn’t feature a camera, Bluetooth connectivity, or any other fancy features. But it did have great battery life and an affordable price tag that made it popular among many.

With 135+ MILLION UNITS SOLD, it is on number 9.


Samsung-E1100-Tech Urdu

Like the Nokia 2600, the Samsung E1100 had a sturdy body and offered great battery life — 13 days on standby. It debuted in 2009 and became a success due to its affordable price and worldwide availability.

The device featured a 1.52-inch display, 1MB of internal storage (that’s not a typo), and a built-in flashlight for finding stuff in the dark.

With 150+ MILLION UNITS SOLD, it is on number 8.

NOKIA 5230

Nokia-5230 - Tech Urdu

The Nokia 5230 was an entry-level smartphone with a 3.2-inch touchscreen, the Symbian operating system, and 3G connectivity. It also had a GPS chip, a 2MP camera, and 128MB of RAM.

The device couldn’t connect to a Wi-Fi network, but that didn’t seem to bother people in 2009.

With 150+ MILLION UNITS SOLD, it is on number 7.

NOKIA 6600

Nokia-6600 - Tech Urdu

This phone’s quirky design made it special. Just look at it. It’s one of those things you either love or hate. Most people seemed to love it, considering it sold over 150 million units across the globe.

The Nokia 6600 was a high-end model when it came out in 2003, offering a 2.1-inch display, a basic camera, and an 850mAh battery. It was quite expensive, retailing for around 600 euros (~$695).

With 150+ MILLION UNITS SOLD, it is on number 6.

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NOKIA 1200

Nokia-1200 - Tech Urdu

The biggest feature of the Nokia 1200 was its battery life — seven hour of talk time and 390 hours on standby. It also had a flashlight you could turn on by long-pressing the scroll up key.

Other than that, the phone wasn’t really all that exciting — it was just well built and well priced. That, plus the fact you could get it just about anywhere, made the Nokia 1200 one of the most popular phones in the world.

With over 150+ MILLION UNITS SOLD, it is on number 5.

NOKIA 3210

Nokia-3210-Tech Urdu

The Nokia 3210 is super old. It launched in 1999 when phones were only used for making calls and sending texts. The handset became a massive success due to its robust body, many color options, attractive look, and the Nokia logo up front, among other reasons.

Its best feature was the Snake game, which kept people glued to their screens for hours on end.

With over 150+ MILLION UNITS SOLD, it is on number 4.

iPhone 6 AND 6 PLUS

iPhone-6-and-6-Plus-Tech Urdu

Released in 2014, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are the newest phones on this list. They can’t compare with the latest iOS or Android devices in terms of specs, but they offer way more than the other 9 most sold handsets of all time.

One of the reasons for their success was their upgraded 4.7- and 5.5-inch displays, up from the iPhone 5s’ 4-inch screen. The iPhone 6 was three-times more popular than its bigger brother in the first few months of availability, likely due to its lower price tag.

With 220+ MILLION UNITS SOLD, these are on number 3.

NOKIA 1110

Nokia-1110-Tech Urdu

This compact phone only offered the basics. It didn’t have a camera, a color display, or a fancy design like the Nokia N70 and many other devices also released in 2005. Still, it outsold just about everyone, mainly due to its global availability and affordable price.

It was a great handset for those who only wanted to make calls, send texts, and play Snake every now and then.

With over 250+ MILLION UNITS SOLD, it is on number 2.

NOKIA 1100

Nokia-1100-Tech Urdu

The most sold model of all time is the Nokia 1100, a basic phone that debuted in 2003. It had a simple, curvy design that appealed to many, a small monochrome display, and a flashlight on top.

It stuck to the same formula that made all the other Nokia feature phones popular, offering a solid build quality, an attractive design, and an affordable price tag.

Nokia’s vast distribution network also brought the device to loads of markets across the globe, which played a big part in its success.

With over 250+ MILLION UNITS SOLD, it is on number 1.

So this was all about Top 10 Most Sold Phones of All Time. Let me know in comments below which phone(s) you used. Back then, Nokia was the king, so I used all of these Nokia phones back then, yet, 6600 was my best phone.

Courtesy: Android Authority

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