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Here is How to Get More YouTube Views by Adding Time-Stamps on YouTube Videos

Time-Stamps on YouTube Videos

Whether you want to share a video you published to YouTube or one that someone else uploaded, you can create a link to any specific point in that video which is called Timestamp.

Google has introduced a new Search feature that helps users find specific content within YouTube videos without having to watch the whole video. The feature requires creators to provide timestamps for specific sections within the video, describing the subject matter of those parts in the video description or in the comments section.

According to Google, it will help users easily scan videos to see whether it has what they’re looking for, without having to sit through the whole thing.

Google said: “When you search for things like how-to videos that have multiple steps, or long videos like speeches or a documentary, Search will provide links to key moments within the video, based on timestamps provided by content creators. You’ll be able to easily scan to see whether a video has what you’re looking for, and find the relevant section of the content. For people who use screen readers, this change also makes video content more accessible”.

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How to Add Time Stamps in YouTube Videos Description and Comments?

Timestamps can be added in videos with no time. When the link with the timestamp is clicked, the video opens on YouTube, the video starts at the specific time you choose.

While watching any video, when you want to add Timestamp at any point either in video description (which only the creator can add) or in the comments section (which anyone can add), just add the time in a specific format. If you want to add timestamp at three minutes and twenty seconds, just write about the point you want and type in 3:20.

When anyone clicks on 3:20 it will be redirected to this point in the video clip.

Importance of Adding Timestamps on YouTube Videos

Since the creators can add as many timestamps in a video as possible, so whenever any viewer clicks on timestamps, each timestamp click counts for a view for that video. In this way, the creators get more YouTube views by adding Time-Stamps on YouTube videos.

In my this video about Amazon Affiliate, I have added timestamps at 13 different instances which gives my video more chances to get views from Google. The timestamps mentioned in the above video are:

  1. Introduction to Amazon Affiliate: 00:40
  2. How to Affiliate with Amazon? 01:32
  3. How to Register on Amazon Associate? 02:54
  4. How to Get Zip Code of Any City? 03:19
  5. How to Register on Amazon with Mobile Number? 04:04
  6. How to Affiliate on Amazon with Blogger? 05:22
  7. How to Affiliate on Amazon with Mobile App? 05:34
  8. How to Build Links? 09:33
  9. How to Get Amazon Payments? 11:12
  10. How to Get Amazon Top Strip? 13:31
  11. How to Generate Affiliate Links on Amazon? 14:16
  12. How to Create a Blog on Blogger for Amazon Affiliate? 15:10
  13. How to Generate Links for Amazon Products? 17:14

[Video] How to Get More YOUTUBE Views by Adding Time Stamps on Videos [Urdu/Hindi]

So, have you ever added timestamps in your YouTube Videos? Did it help you get more views and earn more? Let’s know in comments below.

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