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?[The Quickest Way] Check The Original Color/ Repainted/ Crashed Car | Auto Lak Test Bit 3003?

How to Check The Original Color/ Repainted/ Crashed Car?

Ever wanted to buy a car, and felt suspicious over its condition, especially over the points whether the car is in its original color or not; whether the car is repainted or not; whether the vehicle is crashed and dented-painted or not? Well, you are in the right place to get the quickest and the best way to check the original color/ repainted/ crashed car with a simple gadget Auto Lak Test Bit 3003 (a pen).

Scroll Down for Video Usage Instructions (in Urdu/Hindi)

How to Check The Original Color/ Repainted/ Crashed Car?

Now you can be YOUR OWN TESTER with this PAINT THICKNESS GAUGE! Shaped as a simple pen, its MAGNETIC TIP can stick to any curved surface or a hard-to-reach place. Its mechanical thickness is WATER AND DIRT RESISTANT. It will help you detect any layers of lacquer that are invisible to the naked eye.

It will save you time and money as you could immediately check if the car was repainted.

How to Check The Original Color/ Repainted/ Crashed Car?

Auto Lak Test Bit 3003 (Usage)


  • Is your lacquer original?
  • How many layers of lacquer.
  • Which elements were replaced or lacquered?
  • Which elements were “dressed”, straightened and then filled.
  • The thickness of the trowel.
  • Are they telling you the truth?

Auto Lak Test Bit 3003 (Main Highlights)

Main highlights are:

  • Paint Thickness Tester Meter Gauge
  • Paint Coating Tester
  • Car Body Damage Detector
  • With Magnetic Tip
  • With Measurement Scale
  • Crash-Test Check
  • Water Resistant
  • Highly Accurate

Auto Lak Test Bit 3003 (Product Features)

  • MAGNETIC TIP: Its magnetic tip is extremely convenient in reaching curved surfaces, and in hard to reach places. Its mechanical thickness gauge is water resistant and can be used in the rain and on a dirty car.
  • HIGH ACCURACY: Our tester instrument is highly accurate, due to its compatibility with a digital thickness gauge.
  • COLOR MEASUREMENT SCALE: The colorful measurement scale will help you understand the state of the body you’re testing, and it will easily reveal any hidden damages.
  • CRASH TESTER: Perfect for checking if a car has been involved in an accident and if the lacquer is original. The sensor can be used by both professional business to assess the condition of the parts, and by a buyer to appraise the quality of a car.
  • EASY TO CARRY AROUND: It’s shaped like a small pen and is made of high-quality materials, making it the perfect choice to carry around and always be prepared.

How to Purchase Auto Lak Test Bit 3003?

Follow the link to purchase it from Amazon Store.

How to Use Auto Lak Test Bit 3003?

Color Measurements!

Its HANDY COLOR MEASUREMENT SCALE will make it easy for you to understand the problem and find a quick and feasible solution to any damage-hidden or not!

MADE FROM ALUMINUM ALLOYS and other high-quality materials that can resist normal mechanical factors or oil-derivative products, it’s the perfect tool for anyone that wants to test the condition of a car, or a part of it.

You can carry it around, thank its convenient pen shape! And, it DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY POWER SUPPLY!

Check The Original Color/ Repainted/ Crashed Car

Explanation of Colors on it:

– layer thickness up to 70 um – thin lacquer layer. (the lacquer is laid without a ground coat, polished.)
– layer thickness up to 100 – 200 um – for original lacquers.
 – layer thickness up to 200 – 300 um – after lacquer repairs (second lacquer)
– layer thickness up to 300 – 520 um – surfaces after tinsmith repairs (a trowel+2 lacquers)
– layer thickness up to 520 – 750 um – surfaces after filling and lacquering. (trowel amount around 0.5 mm)

Which Parts of the Car needed to be Tested?


1. The edges of mudguards and doors.

2. Pit bottoms – front and back.

3. The roof above doors and windows.

4. Headlight areas.

5. The edges of bonnets and boots.

6. The areas by bumpers.

7. Bonnet floors.

8. The spots where bumpers and shock absorbers are fixed.
It’s not recommended to buy a car after an accident, especially after a frontal collision. Why? – Because sometimes the collision repair shops use cheap substitutes instead of original parts. – The A/C condenser – the part of the air conditioning system often gets damaged in a frontal collision. If not properly repaired, the air conditioner may stop working later. – Strong frontal collision can damage the integrity of the vehicle body making it less stronger. – There is a possibility that as a result of an accident the vehicle will develop some mechanical problems later such as wheel alignment problems, noisy wheel bearings, etc. – The secondary paint job not always looks and holds as good as original, the color may not match and later the paint may start peeling off at the edges.

(Video) How to Check The Original Color/ Repainted/ Crashed Car?

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