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Welcome to our detailed guide on The Proxy and the Hare quest in Zenless Zone Zero. This walkthrough will help you navigate through the challenges, solve puzzles, and complete the mission objectives efficiently. Whether you’re new to the game or looking to optimize your gameplay, this video provides all the tips and tricks you need. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more Zenless Zone Zero guides and updates!


  1. Starting The Proxy and the Hare Quest:
    • After completing “The Hare and the Proxy,” head to New Eridu.
    • Enter the Random Play store and speak with your sibling to choose a username and unlock the Inter-Knot menu.
    • Speak with Howl at the nearby newsstand and use the scratch card.
    • Talk to General Chop in the Noodle Shop to unlock Combat Commissions.
    • Speak with Susie to unlock Exploration Commissions.
    • Return to Random Play and speak with your sibling again.
    • Complete one Combat Commission (Logistics Disaster) and one Exploration Commission (The Ultimate Collectibles).
  2. Quest Objectives:
    • Primary Objective: Find the strongbox.
    • Optional Objectives:
      • Collect one set of Hollow Observation Data.
      • Collect two sets of Hollow Observation Data.
      • Collect three sets of Hollow Observation Data.
  3. Walkthrough:
    • Move right and enter the combat tile, defeat Ethereal enemies, and collect Hollow Observation Data.
    • Navigate through the tiles, solving box puzzles and avoiding traps.
    • Interact with the television after a system malfunction to return to the Hollow.
    • Push data boxes to target locations:
      • Push the lower box one tile down, then one to the right.
      • Push the middle box one tile to the right.
      • Push the upper box two tiles to the left, then one up.
    • Defeat Ethereal enemies and interact with Hollow Deep Dive system.
  4. Combat and Puzzle Tips:
    • Utilize character abilities and switch characters for counterattacks during combat.
    • Be aware of the Pressure meter and avoid Corruption by managing your route.
    • Collect all optional Hollow Observation Data for additional rewards.
  5. Rewards:
    • Inter-Knot EXP x450
    • Polychrome x30
    • Official Investigator Log x4
    • Denny x9,000
    • Elite Investigator’s Supply Box x2
    • Senior Investigator’s Supply Box x2

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