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Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) presents players with exciting and challenging nodes to conquer. The Stable Node is the first frontier you will encounter in ZZZ’s Shiyu Defense. This guide will provide you with detailed information on objectives, recommended characters, strategies for each stage, and the rewards you can earn.

Stable Node First Frontier Details


  • ZZZ – S: More than 360s remaining
  • ZZZ – A: More than 240s remaining
  • ZZZ – B: Defeat all enemies

Frontier Effect:

  • Increases Agent Physical Anomaly Buildup Rate by 20%
  • Increases Assault DMG by 80%

Recommended Attributes:

  • ZZZ – Physical
  • ZZZ – Ice


  • Hollow Thug – Raider
  • Hollow Thug – Assaulter
  • Hollow Thug – Poacher
  • Hollow Thug – Pyromaniac

Best Characters for Stable Node First Frontier

To effectively tackle the Stable Node First Frontier, utilizing the best characters for attack, stun/anomaly, and support is crucial. Here are the top recommendations:


  • ZZZ – Billy: Known for his powerful physical attacks.
  • ZZZ – Nekomata: Excels in dealing ice damage and quick strikes.
  • ZZZ – Corin: Delivers consistent physical damage with efficiency.
  • ZZZ – Ellen: Strong AoE attacks that can quickly clear groups of enemies.


  • ZZZ – Anby: Great for applying stuns and controlling the battlefield.
  • ZZZ – Lycaon: Effective at disrupting enemy formations with anomalies.
  • ZZZ – Piper: Provides excellent crowd control with stunning abilities.


  • ZZZ – Nicole: Offers crucial healing and buffs to sustain your team.
  • ZZZ – Soukaku: Provides additional support and defensive boosts.

How to Beat Stable Node First Frontier

1. Prioritize Pyromaniac Enemies:

  • Focus on taking down Pyromaniac enemies at close range. This strategy ensures that other enemies will be drawn near, making them easier to handle.

2. Be Prepared for Wave 2:

  • As Wave 2 begins, be ready to dodge incoming gunfire. The enemies will start shooting at you immediately upon spawning, so staying mobile and avoiding their attacks is key.

3. Use AoE Attacks:

  • Ice and Physical units are particularly effective against the Hollow Thugs. Utilizing characters with strong AoE attacks will help you quickly clear large groups of enemies.


The Stable Node First Frontier in Zenless Zone Zero’s Shiyu Defense is a challenging yet rewarding experience. By following this guide and using the recommended characters and strategies, you can efficiently complete the objectives and earn high rewards. Keep honing your skills and enjoy your journey through ZZZ!

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