How to share your Mobile Screen on another Mobile?

How to share your Mobile Screen on another Mobile?

Guys I’m sure you’re well aware of numerous apps that like you share your PC/Laptop Screen with another user – Teamviewer App is very popular among PC users. Well ever wondered how useful it would be to share your mobile screen with another or remotely view someone else’s screen (with their permission, obviously). If you’ve ever wanted to give another Mobile user a hand, today I bring you the Inkwire Android App. Inkwire is basically designed to be a troubleshooting tool, but can also be used for a variety of other functions like share your screen to another Android user etc.

The inter-phase is very simple. After some basic settings you can request the other android user (who has already installed Inkwire on his phone) to view his screen or phone. Once connected, you can share the screen, start a voice/audio chat and draw or highlight on his screen to mark or guide him or point to anything etc.

Inkwire app is free, and has a rating of 4.3. However, do keep in mind that you’ll need a sufficiently fast internet connection in order to get a better experience.

The Free Download link for Android Mobiles (Google Play):


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