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“Path of the Proxy I” is a critical main quest in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ), part of the Chapter 1 Intermission. This quest is essential as it raises the Agent level cap to 30 and unlocks Hard Mode for Hollow commissions, allowing players to tackle more challenging content and earn greater rewards.

Quest Information:

  • Required Level: 20
  • Enemy Level: 20
  • Location: Sixth Street, Abandoned Metro
  • Client: Shepherd
  • Recommended Attributes: Ether, Ice
  • Time: Anytime

How to Unlock:

To unlock “Path of the Proxy I,” you need to:

  1. Reach Inter-Knot Level 20: This can be done by completing various missions and tasks within the game, earning experience and increasing your level.
  2. Collect 40 Observation Data: These can be gathered from HDD stages. Observation Data is crucial for unlocking further stages and understanding more about the game’s lore.
  3. Receive a Message from Shepherd: Once you meet the above requirements, Shepherd will send you a message to go through a Reputation Rank Up Trial, initiating the quest.

Best Characters:

  • Main DPS: Anby, Billy, Nicole
  • Sub DPS/Support: Equip Anby with the free Demara Battery Mark II you get from Susie in the gadgets store. This will enhance her capabilities and make the quest easier to manage.

Quest Walkthrough:

  1. Bring Ice or Ether Characters:
    • These elements are particularly effective against the enemies you will face in this quest.
    • Characters with these attributes will deal more damage and have an easier time overcoming the challenges.
  2. Use Perfect Assists or Dodge:
    • All enemies in “Path of the Proxy I” have attacks indicated by orange blinks.
    • Timing your dodges or executing Perfect Assists whenever the enemy shows orange blinks is crucial for avoiding damage and maintaining your health.
  3. Avoid Farbauti’s Multiple Attacks:
    • Farbauti can chain some of its punch and slam attacks together, making it dangerous.
    • Watch out for orange blinks and Dodge or Perfect Assist your way out of Farbauti’s large sweep of attacks to minimize damage.
  4. Evade Notorious – Armored Hati’s Projectiles:
    • Notorious – Armored Hati has ranged attacks indicated by a purple glow on its head.
    • When you see this glow, prepare to dodge out of the way to avoid taking significant damage.


  • Inter-Knot Credit: x300
  • Polychrome: x30
  • Denny: x12000
  • Master Component: x36
  • Prototype Seal: x36

Completing this quest will not only increase your Agent’s level cap to 30 but also unlock Hard Mode for Hollow commissions. This will allow you to take on tougher challenges and earn better rewards, enhancing your overall gameplay experience.


This detailed guide ensures you have all the necessary information to complete the “Path of the Proxy I” quest successfully. Good luck, and enjoy the challenges and rewards that Zenless Zone Zero has to offer!

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