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“Qualification Assessment: Frontline” is a key quest in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ). This guide provides detailed information on how to unlock and complete the quest, navigate the floors, and utilize the best characters for success.

Quest Information

  • Required Level: Around 15 to 20
  • Location: Various floors
  • Recommended Attributes: Electric, Ice
  • Time: Anytime

Best Characters


  • Soldier 11
  • Ellen
  • Zhu Yuan


  • Ben


  • Lycaon
  • Koleda


  • Nicole
  • Soukaku
  • Lucy

Frontline Enemies

Floor 1

  • Featured Enemies: Arlaune, Corrupted Bandit – Ruthless Fiend

Floor 2

  • Featured Enemies: Notorious Dullahan

Floor 1 Walkthrough

  1. Collect Rewards:
    • Collect all the rewards in the lower half of the area. Avoid red tiles to prevent high pressure at the start.
  2. Defeat Enemies:
    • Defeat the enemy blocking the upper part of the area, including thugs like the Bulky Intimidator.
  3. Upper Area Rewards:
    • Collect all the rewards in the upper part before proceeding to the exit.
  4. Final Fight:
    • Head to the exit after collecting all rewards. Defeat Ruthless Fiend and Arlaune to proceed to the next floor.

Floor 2 Walkthrough

  1. Initial Rewards:
    • There will be no enemies at the start. Collect all rewards and destroy damaged walls for more rewards.
  2. Choose Path:
    • Decide whether to collect all rewards or head straight to the exit. Collecting rewards might involve fighting a battle and gaining more pressure.
  3. Final Fight:
    • Defeat the Dullahan at the exit to complete the level.

Qualification Assessment Rewards

First Clear Rewards

Qualification Assessment: Edge

  • Inter-Knot Credit: x600
  • Polychrome: x80
  • Boopon: x1
  • Withered Crystal Ink – Heaven’s Azure: x400
  • Bangboo Algorithm Module: x6
  • Denny: x588

Qualification Assessment: Frontline

  • Inter-Knot Credit: x600
  • Polychrome: x80
  • Boopon: x1
  • Withered Crystal Ink – Yellow: x400
  • Bangboo Algorithm Module: x15
  • Denny: x758

Regular Rewards

  • Investigation Point: x600
  • Bangboo Algorithm Module: x6 – 8
  • Denny: x150

Recommended Level

Aim for level 15 to 20 for both Characters and W-Engines. Use the necessary level-up and promotion (ascension) materials to increase their level. Combat Simulation can be used to get these rewards if you lack them.

How to Level Up Characters

Make use of Combat Simulations and other in-game resources to level up characters efficiently.

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