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PTA Launches System to Block Stolen, Smuggled Phones

[Update: October 17, 2018]

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PTA Launches DIRBS

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on Thursday formally launched a Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) which will allow for the blocking of stolen and smuggling cellphones, rendering them useless.

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The system will ensure that stolen and blocked phones, as well as phones with duplicate or non-standard identifiers, are blocked.

PTA Chairman Muhammad Naveed made the announcement as the organization celebrates crossing a milestone of 50 million broadband subscribers.

The PTA chairman touted the acquisition of the DIRBS as a move that will “improve the telecom sector” by helping improve collection of tax and tracking down “illegal devices” in cooperation with law enforcement agencies.

With the launch of the first phase of the DIRBS, cellphone theft and smuggling will be eliminated and service quality will improve, the PTA chairman said, adding that government revenue would also increase in the process.

PTA’s Abdul Samad explained that in the first phase, stolen and lost devices would be blocked, while in the second phase devices that are in people’s use will be inspected.

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Subscribers will also be able to inquire about the status of their devices, he added.

The DIRBS will be linked up to the GSMA database, he said.

Samad also said the government had issued policy directives for the launch of 5G cellphone services on which work is currently underway.

What is the DIRBS?

Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System’s (DIRBS) objective is to ensure a healthy growth of mobile device ecosystem in Pakistan. DIRBS will ensure use of legal devices on the mobile networks. The import, use, and growth of legal devices will enhance government revenues, improve the quality of mobile service to consumers, preserve network resources of the mobile operators, provide better security and ensure the protection of intellectual property rights. PTA will make sure that only type approved and legal devices are operational over mobile networks in the country.

According to ProPakistani, the purpose of the DIRBS is to ensure that non-compliant cellphones are not imported, sold, advertised or connected to cellular networks in order to protect cellphone user data across the country.

It will further ensure that mobile licensees actively identify such phones on their networks and maintain and update the industry-wide database with information about such phones for the benefit of the mobile services sector worldwide,” ProPakistani reported.

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“Stolen phones, blocked phones, and phones with duplicate or non-standard identifiers shall be blocked by the mobile network operator (MNO) from use in Pakistan,” the report added.

According to a PTA press release, subscribers can verify the authenticity of their cell phone devices by sending an SMS to 8484 and can visit or download the DIRBS Android app from the Google Play Store.

Device Verification System – Check Status of your Device

First Method

To check the status of your device, go to

DIRBS - Mobile Verification PTA Launches DIRBS - Tech Urdu

Now enter your device IMEI in the Check Status of Your Device Box. To get IMEI of your phone simple dial *#06# and you will get your IMEI No instantly.

If you have a dual SIM phone, just enter the first IMEI No and don’t write the numbers after the ‘/‘. Click on I’m not a robot. If you see any instruction like ‘select cars in the photo’ or ‘signboards’, etc as shown below.

DIRBS - Mobile Verification Verification Board - Tech Urdu

Select those and your verification is done. Now simply click on ‘Check UP!’.

You will see your confirmation status and then some instructions for sending a message to anyone (or make a call to anyone to register). Simply send a msg/call to anyone and you are done. Finally, you will see a message showing your IMEI that your device is Compliant.

DIRBS - Mobile Verification via IMEI - Tech Urdu

(if you don’t see the message simply refresh the page and re-enter your IMEI keep in mind prior this you need to send an SMS to someone).

Second Method

To check the status of your device, send your IMEI SMS to 8484.

DIRBS - Mobile Verification via text message - Tech Urdu

Third Method

Install the DIRBS Android app from the Google Play Store and then check your device status.

While checking the IMEI number of your phone through the above three methods, there could be three possible outcomes for your phone:

  • Valid IMEI: This means that your phone IMEI is GSMA approved but not PTA approved.
  • Invalid IMEI: Not a GSMA approved IMEI, nor PTA approved.
  • Compliant IMEI: It is both GSMA approved and PTA approved IMEI number.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers | PTA Launches DIRBS

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