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For how long you use your PC or Laptop? 3 hours, 4 hours or more? Do you know that scientists have figured out that constant use of computer screens and screen-based devices can cause eye fatigue and strain? That’s a huge problem given that, according to the American Optometric Association, a typical worker spends seven hours a day on the computer for their job or at home. They also know that the brain needs to downshift regularly through the day (ideally every 90 minutes), and that regular movement and stretching is necessary to maintain good muscle function and strength and Prevent Eyestrain etc.

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Eyeleo is a simple app that reminds you to take regular breaks so you can get up, move and rest your eyes. The app features both short and long breaks. The short ones offer guided eye exercises. The longer ones, which you can prevent yourself from cheating on via strict mode, will block your screen. You get a notification in advance of the long break, so if you’ve set up strict mode, the screen block won’t take you by surprise.

EyeLeo is a handy PC application that regularly reminds you to take short breaks for your eyes. Everyone who spends more than an hour per day looking at a display. Office workers will find the program particularly helpful. When you are working at a computer it is easy to forget about time. This leads to eye strain and other physical problems. EyeLeo guarantees you won’t forget to take a break.

Eye strain or asthenopia is a real problem for those who sit at a computer. It is caused by decreased blinking while working long hours focusing on computer screens. EyeLeo reminds to take breaks regularly, shows you simple eye exercises and prevents you from using the computer at break times. Following EyeLeo’s regulations will result in less physical fatigue.

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Eyeleo Features

  • Screen blocking long breaks every hour.
  • Short breaks with eye exercises every 10 minutes.
  • Eye exercises shown by an adorable Leopard.
  • Notifications announcing a long break coming.
  • A strict mode that does not allow skipping the breaks.
  • Customizable parameters.
  • Multi-monitor system support.

and more…

Follow the link to Download Eyeleo for your PC/Laptop:

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