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To complete the “Passing Off as Fake” quest in Zenless Zone Zero, you need to pretend to be Phaethon and enter the Hollow to meet with the Rebel Spy. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this:

Quest Overview:

Objective: Pretend to be Phaethon and enter the Hollow to meet with the Rebel Spy.

Steps to Complete the Quest:

  1. Start the Quest:
    • Locate the “Passing Off as Fake” quest in your mission log and activate it to receive the initial instructions.
  2. Assume Phaethon’s Identity:
    • Equip any necessary disguises or items that will help you convincingly pose as Phaethon. This may include changing your appearance or equipping specific gear.
  3. Navigate to the Hollow:
    • Follow the map markers to reach the entrance of the Hollow. Ensure you are prepared for any combat or challenges you might face along the way.
  4. Enter the Hollow:
    • Use your disguise to enter the Hollow without raising suspicion. Be cautious of any guards or NPCs who might recognize you as an imposter.
  5. Meet the Rebel Spy:
    • Once inside the Hollow, follow the quest markers to locate the Rebel Spy. Engage in any necessary dialogue to maintain your cover as Phaethon.
  6. Complete Any Assigned Tasks:
    • The Rebel Spy might give you additional tasks to prove your identity or to further the mission. Complete these tasks efficiently to maintain your cover.

Tips for Success:

  • Maintain Your Cover: Be mindful of your actions and dialogues to ensure you don’t blow your cover as Phaethon.
  • Combat Readiness: Be prepared for potential combat situations. Ensure your team is equipped and ready to fight if necessary.
  • Efficient Navigation: Use the map and quest markers effectively to navigate the Hollow quickly and efficiently.


Successfully completing the quest will earn you rewards such as Polychrome, Inter-Knot EXP, and other valuable items that can enhance your gameplay experience.

For more detailed information or specific strategies, you can refer to community guides or dedicated Zenless Zone Zero fan sites for comprehensive walkthroughs and tips.

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