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Pakistan’s First ‘Milk ATM’ – RoboCow

Pakistan’s First ‘Milk ATM’ Installed in Lahore

Being the first ATM of Pakistan that instead of providing Cash can now provide you with Fresh Milk. Yes, you heard that right. So, here is Pakistan’s First ‘Milk ATM’ – Robocow.

RoboCow – The Milk ATM

Image: Mr. Farmer

The first automated milk vending machine started its services in Wapda Town, Lahore for the provision of pure pasteurized milk. It is working at two locations in Wapda Town, Lahore.

1- Rehmat Chowk Market
2- D3 Market

The Concept of RoboCow

We are a bunch of smart young people, who are consumers of daily essential – MILK just like you. We strongly believe that pure milk is a need-to-have not a nice-to-have sometimes sort of thing.

‘RoboCow,’ which is seemingly inspired by RoboCop – a famous sci-fi flick –  requires you to put in some money, and in return provides you with a liter or more of milk.

If you are interested in pure food, the way nature intended and making a better choice for your family’s health, we are here for you, bringing the best quality of MILK near you.

RoboCow is the first Milk ATM machine in Wapda Town for its customers with a way of providing milk which is the most hygienic and environmentally friendly.

How to Use RoboCow ATM?


RoboCow is very user-friendly. You just insert the currency notes in it and it dispenses the equivalent amount of the purest milk on the press of a single button. The milk is free of preservatives and growth hormones.

Also, Mr. Farmer aims to provide free home delivery.



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