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Mole in the Hole (III) Quest Guide


“Mole in the Hole (III)” is Soldier 11’s Agent Mission in Zenless Zone Zero 1.0 (ZZZ). This guide covers how to unlock the quest, complete the mission objectives, navigate the Hollow, and the rewards obtained.

Table of Contents

  1. Mole in the Hole Info
  2. How to Unlock
  3. Quest Walkthrough
  4. Hollow Guide
  5. Quest Rewards
  6. Related Guides

Mole in the Hole Information

Quest Details

  • Required Inter-Knot Level: 24
  • Enemy Level: 25
  • Location: Sixth Street, Abandoned Metro
  • Client: Soldier 11
  • Difficulty: ⬤⬤⬤⬤〇
  • Recommended Attributes: Physical, Fire
  • Time: Anytime

“Mole in the Hole (III)” is part of Soldier 11’s Agent Story and unlocks after completing “Deep Treason” and reaching Inter-Knot Level 24.

How to Unlock Mole in the Hole

  1. Accept the Mole in the Hole Agent Story
    • Mole in the Hole is part of Soldier 11’s Agent Story.
    • Unlocked after completing “Deep Treason” and reaching Inter-Knot Level 24.

Deep Treason Quest Guide

Mole in the Hole Walkthrough

  1. Talk to Inky
    • Follow the quest marker and interact with Inky, the black cat in the alley.
  2. Complete the Commission Using the HDD
    • After speaking with Soldier 11, head back to Random Play and start the commission in the HDD system.

Soldier 11 Agent Quest

Mole in the Hole Hollow Guide

Full Map and Route

  1. Go Right for Observation Data
    • Collect the first Observation Data by heading right after entering the stage.
  2. Head to the Warp Tile
    • Soldier 11 will hold off the powerful enemy blocking your path. Head straight to the Warp tile on the right.
  3. Head Bottom Right for Observation Data
    • In the second area, head down and right to find the second Observation Data.
  4. Switch Eject Mechanism Direction
    • Near the second Observation Data, use the switch tile to change the direction of the Eject Mechanism towards the Commission Objective.
    • Collect the supply box at the top left of the column of tiles and head to the next Warp tile.
  5. Pursue the Rebels for Observation Data
    • On the third HDD floor, move to any Trigger Switch tiles and pursue the rebel soldiers, revealing the third Observation Data.
  6. Head to the Eject Mechanism to Finish
    • Head to the Eject Mechanism tile on the right and defeat the boss to complete the commission.

Quest Rewards

All Quest Rewards

  • Senior Investigator’s Supply Box: x2
  • Polychrome: x60
  • Inter-Knot Credit: x550
  • Elite Investigator’s Supply Box: x2
  • Denny: x11000
  • Bangboo Algorithm Module: x2

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