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Misty Dungeon: Realm of Sand Event Guide | 420 Primogems | Genshin Impact

In a forbidden place warded by dust and sand, mysterious foes have assembled lines of fortifications to stop your coming. Assemble a team, punch through the defenses, and seize the treasures they protect!

The Misty Dungeon: Realm of Sand event will start in Genshin Impact from December 9 at 10:00 AM (UTC+8) until December 19. You have 10 days to complete all the trials and claim the rewards. If you want to participate in the event, you must be above Adventure Rank 20.

There are a total of 7 trials with different themes in the event. 2 new trials will be unlocked on the first and third days after the event starts, and 3 new trials will open on the fifth day. In other words,

  • December 9: Howling Trial and Stormwood Trial
  • December 11: Attrition Trial and Mist Trial
  • December 13: Sprouting Trial, Might Trial, and Determination Trial

The character lineup you can select for each trial is different, and you can use the Trial Characters or your own characters to take part in the trials. If you have the trial character, the said trial character in the trial will adopt the Constellation levels of the character you actually own.

To unlock the event, you must reach Adventure Rank 20 or above. Then, the event will be unlocked for you to enjoy. There is no fixed location for this event in Teyvat, all you need to do is open the Event page and go to Misty Dungeon: Realm of Sand Event.

There are a total of 7 Trial themes to choose from. Each trial has different Ley Line disorders and monsters that will be found in different trial themes.

Day 1 ▸ Howling Trial & Stormwood Trial Unlocked

Day 3 ▸ Attrition Trial & Mist Trial Unlocked

Day 5 ▸ Sprouting, Might, & Determination Trials Unlocked

For every trial, you can only use certain characters. You can either use your own character or trial characters given that have a fixed level of 80, artifacts, weapons, and level 8 for all Talents. Or combine both trial characters and your own!

Choose the right characters that will help you in completing the Challenge Objective, as well as the Ley Line Disorders. This will make the fight a lot easier for you.

C0 is the default Trial Characters’ constellation. If you have the selected Trial Character, the mentioned trial character will adopt the Constellation levels of the character you own. You will not be able to use any of the Elemental Resonance during the trial.

Once you enter the dungeon, your main objective is to activate 3 Ancient Runes ****tered across the map. To activate the rune, you need to complete their respective challenge (defeating enemies) within the time limit. Once the challenge is completed, the runes will direct their power to the ruin control array linked to the entrance of the Final Challenge.

You can check the map for the dungeon before entering the trial at the top right corner, but don’t worry as you can still see the map in the trial by pressing U (which will show the map, challenge target, and ley line disorder). Even so, the Ancient Runes here are easy to find because they are very near to the control array room where you start.

For easier words, the control array is in the middle room, and the 3 Ancient Runes are on the left, right, and at the back of the array room. It’s easy to maneuver you don’t even need a map. Also, remember that every trial has the same map!

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