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Mechanical Love is a main quest in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ). This guide will walk you through how to unlock the quest, complete the main story commission, navigate the Hollow, and obtain the rewards.

Quest Information

  • Required Level: 24
  • Location: Brant Street, Old Town District
  • Client: Grace
  • Recommended Attributes: Electric, Ice
  • Time: Anytime

How to Unlock

Unlocked at the Start of Chapter 2

You will unlock the Mechanical Love quest at the beginning of Chapter 2, alongside the quest Let’s Go, Bro!. You need to complete the previous quest, Let’s Go, Bro!, to progress through the story and unlock the next commission in the questline, Speedy Chaser.

Quest Walkthrough

Receive Commission from Grace

Near the start of Chapter 2, Grace will give you this commission upon meeting the rest of Belobog Industries.

Complete the Commission Via the HDD System

You will also receive the commission Let’s Go, Bro! during the chapter. You may do these quests in any order from the HDD System.

Hollow Guide

Mechanical Love Hollow Map

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Get Observation Data 1:
    • Go up and head to the left to fight the enemy guarding the Observation Data.
  2. Use the Booster to Get Observation Data 2:
    • Collect Gear Coins in the surrounding area to open the Locked Vault or use the booster on the leftmost side of the map to unlock a new path towards the Observation Data. Be cautious, as enemies can follow you if you go nearby them. Proceed to the top to get to the second map.
  3. Get Observation Data 3:
    • On the next map, you will see the final Observation Data near an enemy. Same as the previous map, the enemy will follow you if you go nearby. After getting the Observation Data, go to the magnifying glass monitor to unlock a new path.
  4. Follow the Path to the Safe Zone:
    • Go up the new path to the safe zone. Enemies will keep following you, but after pressing the second button, they will be blocked. Go to the safe zones to heal. Grace will use bombs to create a warp to the next area.
  5. Fight the Boss:
    • Go to where the boss is in the final map to fight it and finish the commission.


Quest Rewards

  • Polychrome: x30
  • Denny: x9000
  • Bangboo Algorithm Module: x2
  • Inter-Knot Credit: x450
  • Elite Investigator’s Supply Box: x2
  • Senior Investigator’s Supply Box: x2

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