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Mal or Mall, the area under study and discussion lies at the northern end of Ormara, it is 35 Km from Ormara City and stretches north-west.  It is crossed between Ormara and Gawadar District by the Coastal Highway. The Mall hill areas to be surveyed are 30 Km from the Coastal Highway.

It has been reported that the area has Ibex population which is decreasing rapidly either due to illegal hunting pressures or due to external environmental pressure like drought etc. In this regard, this survey was scheduled to be conducted.

Consequently, four teams supervised by Conservator of Forests Kalat Division, Divisional Forest Officers and Forest Guards, Game Watchers and other community members were sent in to comb the area and submit their comprehensive report on the condition of Ibex population despite the fact that favorable survey season falls in October.

Findings of each team suggest that Mall area had populations of Ibex decades ago which is decreasing rapidly and present situation illustrates that there are maximum 10 to 15 Ibex in the area. Different kinds of mammals, rodents, reptiles and plant species consume life in this ecosystem. As far as Ibex is concerned only foot marks and droppings were sighted on number of sites which were captured, unfortunately due to limited time it was not sighted with naked eyes.


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