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The Smart Jacket by Levi’s with Flashlight and Find My Phone Features

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The Levi’s Smart Jacket

Google’s Jacquard technology backing the smartness of Levi’s smart Commuter Jacket which launched in September 2017, is getting a major update which brings two new awesome features – “Illuminate” and “Find My Phone”.

Google and Levi’s Jacquard-enabled jacket pushing out its first substantial app update. It adds a couple of interesting and cool new abilities to the capacitive-fabric-bearing garment.

Using Illuminate, commuters can use the Jacquard snap tag blink or shine so you can either show it off at a party or use it as a little flashlight when making your way through town at night – you can pick between three main settings: shine, blink, and strobe – and Find My Phone, on the other hand, allows users to locate their phones by double tap or swipe on the cuff of your jacket, you can make your phone ring like the case work for other Find My Phone Features— as long as it’s close enough to be connected via Bluetooth.

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Other than these two features, there’s also an update to What’s Playing that allows it to work with every music service that’s supported by Jacquard.

The Levi’s Smart Jacket Price

The Price for Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket (Smart Jacket) with Google’s Jacquard technology is $350.

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