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“Let’s Go, Bro!” is a main quest in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ). This guide provides a detailed walkthrough on how to unlock and complete the quest, navigate the Hollow, and claim the rewards.

Quest Information

  • Required Level: 24
  • Location: Brant Street, Old Town District
  • Client: Anton
  • Recommended Attributes: Electric, Ice
  • Time: Anytime

How to Unlock Let’s Go, Bro!

Complete Somewhat Totally Out of Control

“Let’s Go, Bro!” is a subquest of “A Call From the Hollow’s Heart” and can only be unlocked upon completing the previous commission in the questline, “Somewhat Totally Out of Control.”

Complete this quest to progress through the story and unlock the next commission in the questline, “Mechanical Love.”

Quest Walkthrough

Receive Commission from Anton

Near the start of Chapter 2, Anton will give you this commission upon meeting the rest of Belobog Industries.

Complete the Commission Via the HDD System

You will also receive the commission “Mechanical Love” during the chapter. You may do these quests in any order from the HDD System.

Hollow Guide

Let’s Go, Bro! Hollow Map

The quest consists of multiple maps. Follow the step-by-step guide to navigate through each part.

Step-By-Step Guide

Reach the Target Destination

  • Approach the magnifying glass to open up the next section of the map.

Help Anton Get Through the Hollow Quickly

  • Anton will appear on a monitor and will go after the enemies around the area. Pick up the Observation Data and Supply Box while chasing him down.
  • Guide Anton by avoiding obstacles and ensuring he follows you. Move right to find a chest and an enemy, then squeeze through the fragile ruined buildings.
  • Move all the way down, then go back up to guide Anton. Once reunited, go left to pick up the 2nd and 3rd Observation Data. The 3rd is locked behind 1500 Gear Coins, so ensure you have enough.

Recover the Heavy-Duty Grappler

  • Clear out the enemies either by guiding Anton to defeat them or by approaching them yourself. Anton will follow your movements unless hindered by an obstacle.
  • Continue this process until you reach the largest monitor. Defeat the boss to clear the commission.

Quest Rewards

All Quest Rewards

  • Official Investigator Log: x8
  • Polychrome: x60
  • Denny: x9000
  • Bangboo Algorithm Module: x2
  • W-Engine Power Supply: x4
  • Inter-Knot Credit: x450
  • Elite Investigator’s Supply Box: x2
  • Senior Investigator’s Supply Box: x2

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