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Learn English Language in The Smartest Way with Enguru

Do you want to speak English fluently? Well if yes then you should not miss this article. Today we are going to talk about an English Learning App – Enguru. It is available both for Android and Apple Users. It is one of the interactive and engaging English Learning and English speaking offline app. With its beautiful graphics, interactive games, and interesting exercises Enguru is not only easy to learn English but also it is fun. It has numerous levels, exercises, situation, and activities. Feel free to share your feedback, please.

Enguru: Spoken English App is one of the best apps to learn English! This free Spoken English app, helps you improve your Spoken English – this app is guaranteed make you speak confidently, quickly and fluently.

Enguru is very smart. It is adaptive and changes with every question you answer to make sure you are getting the most accurate content just for you. It is a revolutionary, never been done before personalized learning experience where the entire course is adapted to YOU!

Enguru Features

• Thousands of questions that will get you speaking English in no time.
• Learn in the comfort of your mother tongue – Learn English from Hindi, Gujarati, Nepali, Malayalam, Burmese, Punjabi, Urdu, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Arabic, Kannada, Oriya, Assamese, Tagalog, Thai, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, Vietnamese, Turkish, Farsi, and Sinhala!
Amazing design with a variety of question types
• Completely offline. Study without worrying about your data usage. Once you have the App it works completely offline!
• Improve your grammar, vocabulary and sentence construction
• Audio, Text, Images, Speech – a huge variety of questions that guarantees the best quality in education!
• Realistic – Learn phrases and words that will help you to perform in an interview, talk to customers, talk to your boss, impress friends and colleagues and more!
• Content created by world-renowned teachers.
• Guaranteed to improve your Reading, Writing, Speaking and listening skills!
• You will improve your Spoken English for the job you want! Realistic conversations with customers, colleagues, and managers. You choose what to say – they respond. It’s adaptive and different every time!
Completely Customized – you choose what you want to study and focus on!
• Social – earn and redeem coins and see how your friends are doing!
• Necessary – knowing English is essential to succeed! Improve your Spoken English with enguru and speak English on your way to success!
It’s the most intelligent Free Educational app to learn English!

Enguru download links are as under:

Download link for Android:

Download Link for Apple:

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