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Jazz Packages VS Telenor Packages- Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Jazz Call Packages VS Telenor Call Packages

Jazz vs Telenor packages - tech Urdu

Every other day you see a Mobile Network announcing a new call or SMS Package. The demands are based on different categories based on user experience. There are multiple choice for one to choose from different packages ranging from very low to high prices.

In this list, we are superficially comparing Jazz Call Packages vs Telenor Call Packages. It should be kept in mind the rates or offers are true to date which means that by the time you are reading this post the charges may have been changed. So call the service center to confirm the charges or visit their particular websites. 

So here is the comparison of Jazz Call Packages VS Telenor Call Packages.

Jazz Prepaid Call Packages

Jazz Super Bundle

On-net: 250 Jazz + Warid Minutes

Packages: All

Subscription Fee: Rs. 14 (Incl. Tax)

Validity: Midnight

Jazz 3D Bundle

Offer Details

On-net: 500 minutes

Packages: All

Subscription Fee: Rs. 36 (Incl. Tax)

Validity: 48 hours

Weekly SuperDuper

Internet: 1000MBs

Other Network: 25 Minutes

Jazz + Warid: 1000 Minutes

SMS: 1000 SMSs

Subscription Fee: Rs. 150 (including tax)

Validity: 7 days

Weekly All Networks Offer

Offer Details

On-net: 700 Jazz + Warid Minutes

Off-net: 50Mins

Internet: 250MBs

Subscription Fee: Rs. 120 (Incl. Tax)

Validity: 7 days

Haftawar Offer

Offer Details

On-net: 700 Jazz+Warid Minutes

Internet: 100MB

SMS: 700

Subscription Fee: Rs. 75 (Incl. Tax)

Validity: Weekly

Monthly SuperDuper

Offer Details

On-net: 1200 Jazz+Warid Minutes

Off-net: 100 Minutes

Internet: 1000 MB

SMS: 1200

Subscription fees: 380 (Incl. Tax)

Validity: 30 days

Monthly Super Duper Plus

Offer Details

Internet: 4000 Mbs

Jazz Warid: 2000 Minutes

Other Network: 200 Minutes

SMS: 2000

Subscription Fee:  Rs.625 (Incl. Tax)

Validity: 30 days

Monthly All Rounder Offer

Offer Details

All Network: 200 Minutes

Internet: 5000 MB

SMS: 200

Subscription Fee: Rs. 499 (

Validity: x+29 days

Monthly Hybrid Bundle

Offer Details

On-net: 6000 Jazz+Warid Minutes

Daily Limit: 200 Minutes

Internet: 600MBs

SMS: 6000

Subscription Fee: Rs. 370 (Incl. Tax)

Validity: 30 days

Telenor Call Packages

Full Day Offer: 

On-Net Minutes: Unlimited

Validity:1 Day

Internet: 60MB

Subscription Fee: Rs.13

Telenor 2 Paisa DaIly

On-Net: Rs. 0.02/Sec (+ Tax)

Validity:1 Day

Subscription Fee: Rs. 1.20

Din Bhar Offer

on-net: Unlimited from 12AM-7PM

Validity: 1 Day

Internet: 20MB

Subscription Fee: Rs. 8

Telenor Good Time Offer

On-Net Minutes: Daily Unlimited for 2 hours (except 6pm to 9pm)

Internet: 200 MB

Subscription Fee: Rs. 6

Validity: 1 Day

Telenor Super Load Offer

On-Net+Off-Net: 20 free minutes All Network

Validity:1 Day

Subscription Fee: Rs. 0.50

24 hr Poora Pakistan Offer

On-Net+Off-Net: 75 Minutes

Validity: 1 Day

Subscription Fee: 16.73

3 Days Voice Offer

On-Net Minutes: 600

Validity: 3 Days

Internet: 50 MBs

Subscription Fee: Rs.36

3 Din Sahulat Package

On-net: 250 Minutes

Off-net: 25minutes

Validity: 3 Days

SMS: 250

Internet: 50MB Internet with 100MB for WhatsApp, Twitter & Facebook

Subscription Fee: Rs. 40

3 Day Din Bhar Offer

On-Net+Off-Net: 6 AM to 6 PM free calls

Validity: 3 Days

Subscription Fee: 24.50

3 Day Super Hit

On-Net+Off-Net: Free calls except for 7pm-10pm

Validity: 3 Days

Subscription Fee: 34

Haftwaar Chappar Phaar Offer

On-net Minutes: 1200

Validity: 7 days

Internet: 70 MB

Subscription Fee: Rs.50

Haftaawar Sahulat Offer

Off-net: 70 Min

Validity: 7 Days

SMS: 700

Internet: 100MB along with 350MB Social Pack

Telenor 2 Paisa Weekly Offer

On-Net: 2paisa/sec for all network

Validity: 7 Days

Subscription Fee: Rs. 4.78+tax

Telenor Mahana Rakhwala Offer

Onnet minutes: 3000 Min

Offer Validity: 30 Days

SMS: 3000

Internet: 300 MB Free

Subscription fees: Rs. 418

Telenor EasyCard Offer

On-Net: 1500 Telenor & PTCL

Off-net: 150 off-net

Validity: 30 Days

SMS: 1500

Internet: 1500 MB

Subscription fees: Rs. 600

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