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Here is how to INCREASE or DECREASE World Level in Genshin Impact

INCREASE or DECREASE World Level in Genshin Impact

What is World Level?

When you reach a certain Adventure Rank, your World Level increases as well. With higher World Levels, the enemies you encounter are stronger, but at the same time, you get better rewards and materials.

World Level – Required Adventure Rank – Ascension Quest Requirement

The following table shows World Level 1 to 8; the required Adventure Rank and Ascension Quest Requirement. The Ascension Quest Requirements at Adventure Rank 25, 35, 45, 50, and 55 are must be done to attain the higher World Level.

Required Adventure RankAscension Quest Requirement
World Level 120×
World Level 225✔︎
World Level 330×
World Level 435✔︎
World Level 540×
World Level 645✔︎
World Level 750✔︎
World Level 855×

Changing World Level

Genshin Impact allows players to use the World Level Adjustment Feature to decrease / lower or increase / higher their World Level.

Players must note that only those who are at least World Level 5 are eligible to use this new feature. Also, it can only be used once every 24 hours.

How to INCREASE or DECREASE World Level in Genshin Impact?

To decrease you current World Level, open up the Paimon Menu and click on the “i” Info symbol next to your World Level and select Lower World Level.

To again increase your World Level or revert to your previous original World Level, open the Paimon Menu and click the ‘i’ icon beside the current World Level. After a box appears, presenting their current World Level stats and details, select the Revert World Level option.

Pros and Cons of Changing World Level (Increase or Decrease World Level)?

If players are having a difficult time defeating enemies especially in any event, the World Level adjustment feature could be really helpful. It will make things easier for those struggling to knock off opponents with their current characters. In short, the prose of lowering World Level are Weaker enemies, Easier boss fights and Good for clearing events fast.

Keep in mind that the rewards and materials obtained would be worse (lower quality) than the usual prizes they can get when using the current World Level. Hence, it is best to weigh the options first before adjusting the same. So, the cons of decreasing World Level are Fewer rewards Longer time to farm and ascend characters and weapons, and a 24-hour cooldown to change it again.

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