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Inazuma Gadgets Complete Guide – Genshin Impact

This is the complete guide of all Inazuma Gadgets. The post will be updated with the addition of new Inazuma gadgets.

Seed Dispensary

To get Seed Dispensary, you need to complete the quest ” The Art of Horticulture”

The Art of Horticulture


  • 00:00 The Art of Horticulture (Complete Quest Guide)
  • 00:41 How to get The Art of Horticulture Quest | Seed Dispensary
  • 01:16 Inazuma Reputation Lv. 3
  • 02:00 The Art of Horticulture (Quest Started)
  • 03:04 Talk to Madame Ping
  • 05:03 The Art of Horticulture (Quest Completed)
  • 05:04 Obtained Seed Dispensary
  • 05:12 How to use Seed Dispensary?
  • 06:40 Creatures of the Realm
  • 06:50 Riches of the Realm

Red Feather Fan

Red Feather Fan is a Gadget obtained by reaching Reputation Level 5 in Inazuma. It increases Gliding Movement SPD by 30% for 30 seconds and will enter a 100-second cooldown after being used.

Red Feather Fan gadget can only be used while the player is on the ground (this can’t be used in mid-air). When the buff is active, the player is surrounded by a visual effect featuring red maple leaves.

Electroculus Resonance Stone

Electro Treasure Compass

Memento Lens

To get Memento Lens, you need to play this quest “Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual”.

Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual

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