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How to Tell If Your iPhone is Refurbished or Not?

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You can actually tell if your iPhone is refurbished or not by looking at the serial number of the device.

While buying a second-hand iPhone there are some certain questions that arise in mind and one of these questions is whether this iPhone is refurbished or not.

Well, thank heavens, you can actually find that information out by looking at the serial number of the device.

Knowing a Refurbished iPhone by Model Number

It’s a trick that actually tells by the model number of an iPhone whether the given iPhone is refurbished or not.

Essentially the first letter of your phone’s serial number will let you know whether the phone is new, refurbished, a replacement phone, or is personalized.

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Steps to Find out whether iPhone is Refurbished or not

To find out on your phone, go to the Settings menu on the iPhone followed by General and then About. From there look for Model. The first letter of that model number will either an M, N, F, or P and explains what your phone’s backstory is.

M – New phone

F– Refurbished phone

N – Replacement phone. This is for devices that the original owner likely got from the Apple store after their original phone had some sort of issue.

P – Personalized. These phones were personalized with engraving when they were purchased.

That’s it! It’s super easy and can be a great way to get a little bit more of the story behind that iPhone before that used you buy.

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