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How to Look at Life-Sized Animals in AR Through Google Search?

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Google recently announced that it is bringing an amazing feature to its search results: the Augmented Reality Models, which allows users to take a look like a 3D image of a search result.

Did you know that You can Draw Anywhere and Play with Line using Augmented Reality? Yes, You can. Here is how can do it.

Currently, the feature only has some animals that you can check out right now, such as tiger, lion, giant panda, dog, rottweiler, wolf, turtle, crocodile, horse, cat, octopus, falcon, etc and a bunch of others.

Here is How to Look at Life-Sized Animals in AR Through Google Search?

To use the feature, navigate to Google on a compatible device (having ARCore/ARKit), and search for the animal in question in Google Search.

If the animal you’ve searched for (say, a tiger) is available, it’ll show up in a small box with some statistics and an animated thumbnail, and an invitation to “meet a life-sized tiger up close.”

From there, tap “View in 3D”, and the site will populate an animated, 3D model in your screen. 

Click on View in Your Space. Once you click on this option, your phone camera will launch. You get instructions to point your camera properly towards ground and then you can place the animal ‘in this tiger’ on the ground.

From here you can reposition/resize your tiger. You can also take a photo of it. Play some tricks and stand by the tiger kind of tapping on its back and take a cool shot.

The feature is pretty cool: it’s a good way to see just how large some of these animals really are up close. This feature can really be useful in a classroom or educational setting.

At I/O, Google noted that the feature would be used for some more practical things, like shopping, where you could see what a product looked like without actually having it in hand, or if you wanted to check out how muscles looked on a person — it would overlay your search result in AR. That’s not the extent of Google’s AR ambitions: it’s been testing an AR navigation feature for Google Maps, and has been releasing AR Playmoji stickers for users to play with. _ The Verge

Click here to Download Google ARCore

[VIDEO] Here is How to Look at Life-Sized Animals in AR through Google Search? [Urdu/Hindi/English Captions]

?So what do you think will this feature help in Learning and Education? Let us know in comments below. What Other Animals Did You Observe?

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