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How to Get Monthly Employee Salary Slip on Email – PIFRA

Assalam-0-Alaikum and Welcome to Tech Urdu! Guys as you know that if you are a Government Servant can get your Monthly Employee Salary Slip on your Email ID on a monthly basis.

This is not a new thing yet many of our friends face problems in how to register on PIFRA and get monthly salary slip.

So here, you will learn the whole process of getting your Monthly Salary Slip on your provided E-mail ID on Pifra. If you face any problem feel free to ask in comments below.

Video Time Stamp:

  1. What is PIFRA & What is its Objective? 0:33
  2. How to Register on PIFRA for Monthly Salary Slip (Steps)? 1:22
  3. What do you need to Register for Monthly Salary on PIFRA? 1:55
  4. Conclusion: 4:34

It sometimes happens that you forget your password or your email address or your email id or any information gets wrong and you want to solve this Wrong Email ID problem or want to Unsubscribe your Email Address then the solution is here.



Disclaimer: These videos are not being uploaded from PIFRA Official Forum. The purpose of these series of videos is only for Educational and Learning purposes.


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Naeem Javid

Naeem Javid Muhammad Hassani is working as Deputy Conservator of Forests in Balochistan Forest & Wildlife Department (BFWD). He is the CEO of Tech Urdu (techurdu.net) Forestrypedia (forestrypedia.com), All Pak Notifications (allpaknotifications.com), Essayspedia, etc & their YouTube Channels). He is an Environmentalist, Blogger, YouTuber, Developer & Vlogger.

16 thoughts on “How to Get Monthly Employee Salary Slip on Email – PIFRA

  • Assalam o Alaikum
    Dear how r u…
    Dear I got my salary slips regularly through gmail till October 2018 but after that I m not getting salary slip through email..
    Don’t know what’s the reason and how to solve this problem of not getting salary slips …
    Need ur guidance

    • First, check your spam folder and promotions folders. In case you don’t find it there consult your accounts office (AG/DAO) for the issuance of the slips. You can also contact (either telephonically or via email ) Pifra for the said matter.


    Sir I have not received salaryslips from pifra for months of October 2018 and November 2018 plz help me My personnel no is 30575610

    • First check your spam folder in Gmail. In case you don’t find it there consult your accounts office for the issuance of the slips. You can also contact Pifra for the said matter.

      • Anwar said

        I have not received payslip of month July 2019

        • July Slips waisy sb ko late mily hai. Aap apny Gamil ma Promotions k Folder ko check kry.

  • I hv not received my salary slips of april may june

  • ghainchand

    I didn’t receive my pay slip on my gmail I’d on ghain.chand11@ gmail.com

    • did you get earlier of previous months on the same id or it is the first time you have applied for slip on your email id?

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  • MOST ASKED QUESTION (Answer): If you lost your previous e-mail or there is some kind of problem in that email and you want to make a new e-mail ID and register your employee salary on it. Simply, call or email PIFRA, you will find details on their website, and request them to delete your previous ID. They’ll ask some question and then ‘ll delete your previous ID. After couple of minutes, for one case I observed, it took 5 minutes, and then you can create your new ID and register your salary on it.


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