How to Equip Drive Discs (Artifacts/Relics) for Characters in Zenless Zone Zero

Drive Discs

Stat Boosting Items for Agents

Drive Discs are essential equipment in Zenless Zone Zero, acting as additional stat boosts for your Agents. They have a main base stat and a number of random stats that increase in value as the Drive Disc is leveled up.

Farming Drive Discs

Can Be Farmed Via VR Device

Drive Discs can be farmed using the VR Device and by participating in Routine Cleanup missions. These challenges offer different sets of Drive Discs as rewards, allowing players to earn various kinds of Drive Discs for their Agents.

Equipping Drive Discs

Must Have 2 or 4 of Same Series to Trigger Set Effect

Similar to the Relics system in Honkai Star Rail or the Artifact system in Genshin Impact, the Drive Discs have special passives that trigger if the Agent is equipped with 2 or 4 Discs from the same set.

Agents have six slots available for Drive Discs, enabling combinations such as 2-2-2 (with three different sets) or 4-2 (with one set having its second passive enabled).

Early Game Strategy

Set Effects Optional During Early Game

During the early game where players are still learning how the game works, they do not have to prioritize the Drive Disc set passives immediately. Just equip the best ones available for an instant stat boost to an Agent.

Intermediate Tuning

Higher-Tier Drive Discs

As players progress to the late game, they will gain access to Intermediate Tuning in Bardic Needle. This feature allows players to buy higher-tier Drive Discs, up to S-Rank in rarity, significantly enhancing their Agents’ capabilities.

Steps to Equip Drive Discs

  1. Access Equipment Menu
    • Open the character menu and navigate to the equipment section.
  2. Select Drive Discs
    • Choose the Drive Disc slots and select the Discs you want to equip.
  3. Choose Sets
    • Opt for either the best individual stat boosts available or prioritize set bonuses if you have matching sets.
  4. Upgrade Drive Discs
    • Use resources to level up Drive Discs, increasing their stat bonuses and enhancing their effectiveness.

How to Get Drive Discs (Artifacts/Relics) for Characters in Zenless Zone Zero

Drive Discs are essential equipment in Zenless Zone Zero that provide additional stat boosts for your characters. These discs not only enhance base stats but also come with unique passives that can significantly improve your character’s performance when equipped in sets.

Methods to Obtain Drive Discs

1. VR Device Farming

Drive Discs can be farmed using the VR Device, particularly through the Routine Cleanup challenges. Each challenge offers different sets of Drive Discs, so participating in these challenges regularly is a good way to stock up on various discs.

2. Bardic Needle Store

You can purchase Drive Discs from the Bardic Needle store using Plating Agents. The store often has a variety of discs available, and you can use the currency earned from different in-game activities to buy them.

3. Event Rewards

Special events often reward players with Drive Discs. Keep an eye on limited-time events and challenges, as they can be a great source of high-quality discs.

Equipping and Using Drive Discs

1. Set Effects

To trigger set effects, you need to equip 2 or 4 Drive Discs from the same series. These set effects provide additional bonuses that can significantly enhance your character’s abilities. You can choose to equip a 2-2-2 combination of three different sets or a 4-2 combination to maximize the benefits.

2. Early Game Strategy

During the early game, focus on equipping the best individual discs available for the immediate stat boost. Set effects become more critical as you progress and can better plan your character builds.

3. Intermediate Tuning

In the late game, players will gain access to Intermediate Tuning at Bardic Needle. This feature allows you to purchase higher-tier Drive Discs, up to S-Rank in rarity, enabling more advanced and powerful character builds.

Tips for Efficient Drive Disc Management

  • Prioritize Stat Boosts: In the early stages, prioritize Drive Discs that offer significant base stat boosts over those with less impactful set effects.
  • Mix and Match: Experiment with different combinations of discs to find the optimal balance for your characters.
  • Upgrade and Tune: As you progress, make sure to regularly upgrade and tune your Drive Discs to keep up with the increasing difficulty of challenges.


Obtaining and effectively using Drive Discs is crucial for maximizing your characters’ potential in Zenless Zone Zero. By farming through VR Device challenges, purchasing from the Bardic Needle store, and participating in events, you can collect a wide array of Drive Discs to enhance your gameplay experience.

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