How do I equip or use Bangboo in Zenless Zone Zero?

What is Bangboo?

Bangboo is a customizable companion in Zenless Zone Zero that players can use to enhance their gameplay experience. Bangboo, also known as Boopon, provides various buffs and abilities that can assist players during their adventures.

How to Get Bangboo

  1. Progress Through the Main Story:
    • Players can obtain Bangboo by progressing through the main story quests. Specific missions and milestones will reward players with their Bangboo companion.
  2. Event Rewards and Purchases:
    • Bangboo can also be acquired through in-game events, special promotions, or direct purchases using in-game currency.

Customizing Bangboo

  1. Access the Customization Menu:
    • Open the main menu and navigate to the “Companion” or “Bangboo” section. This will bring up the customization options for your Bangboo.
  2. Choose Appearance:
    • Players can select various skins and appearance modifications to personalize their Bangboo. These skins can be unlocked through events, purchases, or achievements.
  3. Equip Skills and Abilities:
    • Within the customization menu, players can equip different skills and abilities to their Bangboo. These abilities can provide buffs, healing, additional damage, or other utility during gameplay.
  4. Upgrade Bangboo:
    • Use in-game materials to upgrade Bangboo’s stats and abilities. This can be done through the companion upgrade section, where players can enhance the power and effectiveness of their Bangboo.

Using Bangboo in Gameplay

  1. Activate Abilities:
    • During missions and battles, players can activate Bangboo’s abilities by selecting the appropriate commands. These abilities have cooldowns, so timing their use is crucial for maximizing their impact.
  2. Passive Buffs:
    • Some Bangboo abilities provide passive buffs that are always active while the companion is equipped. These can enhance various stats like attack power, defense, or movement speed.
  3. Strategic Deployment:
    • Use Bangboo strategically based on the mission requirements. For example, a Bangboo with healing abilities might be more useful in endurance missions, while one with attack buffs could be crucial for boss battles.

Where can you upgrade your Bangboo in Zenless Zone Zero?

To upgrade your Bangboo in Zenless Zone Zero, you can follow several methods available in the game:

  1. Level Up: You can level up your Bangboos using Bangboo systems, which can be obtained through events, Hollow Zero, or quests. This increases their base stats and overall effectiveness in battles.
  2. Ascension: Also known as system optimization, this method requires Ether Electrolytes, which are also obtained from Hollow Zero. Ascension enhances your Bangboo’s abilities further.
  3. Upgrade: Upgrading Bangboos involves using Bangboo cores. These cores are obtained by pulling duplicates of your existing Bangboos from the Bangboo channel in the signal search gacha. This process can upgrade the tier of your Bangboos up to five times.
  4. Enhancement: Various plugins can be used to enhance specific attributes of your Bangboos, such as increasing their elemental effects, attack power, or defensive capabilities. These plugins can be equipped and upgraded to maximize the potential of your Bangboo units.

You can access these upgrade options through the game’s menu where you manage your Bangboo units​ (LDPlayer)​​ (Icy Veins)​.

Tips for Maximizing Bangboo

  1. Match Abilities to Playstyle:
    • Customize Bangboo’s abilities to match your preferred playstyle and team composition. Experiment with different setups to find the most effective combination.
  2. Upgrade Regularly:
    • Regularly upgrade Bangboo using collected materials to ensure that your companion remains effective as you progress through tougher content.
  3. Participate in Events:
    • Engage in events and special missions to unlock unique skins and abilities for Bangboo, enhancing both its functionality and appearance.

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