Here is How You Can Select Best Free WordPress Themes & Plugins?

Which theme is best for my WordPress site and which Plugins should I use? I get this question most of the time. Well, the answer depends upon many factors and the most important being the Niche of your site. So, here we’ll find out how you can select the best free WordPress Themes & Plugins.

There is a clear difference between a Photography Website and an Education Website. So the selection of themes and plugins depend accordingly.

WARNING – Never use any Themes/Plugins from Torrents or other such sources. although they offer Free for Paid themes and plugins.

Such Themes contain codes (that a normal user doesn’t understand) and it affects the earned revenue, the traffic of the site etc and its overall performance. So, never ever go for such so-called Free Themes. I would rather recommend going for themes from reputed sources.

Also, I would recommend a free theme with limited features from a reputed source like WordPress own themes instead of getting a paid theme for free from any torrent site.

So, in the video below, I’ll be showing you which Themes/Plugins you must select for your website. The video is in Hindi/Urdu Language with English Captions (so anyone can understand it easily).

Now here comes the main question, how you select a Theme for your Website? The most common answer to this question is you go to any of your favourite websites; you like its look its layout and everything and think of using this theme for your site. But, you don’t know which theme or which plugins your favourite site is using.

Let me give you an example. For instance, you are now reading this post on Tech Urdu. You like the customization and overall look of the site and think of using its Themes and Plugins for your own site.

WordPress Theme and Plugin Detector

For this purpose, we use a WordPress Tool – called the Theme Detector. Using this tool, one can find about the Theme of any site and its installed Plugins.

WordPress Theme and Plugin Detector - Here is How You Can Select Best Free WordPress Themes & Plugins?
Image: Tech Urdu YouTube

All you need need to do is to enter the website name like in my site case and click on Experience the Magic of WPTD! And you’ll see all the details about the Theme and Plugins.

In this my case, the Theme I’m using ColorMag. It is a Free Theme and I use it on my 3 Websites (and this is not a paid post or video ;’)

So, in this way, you can find about the Theme and Plugins and later install for your own site.

How to Customize Your Site like Another Site (Copying the Theme)?

Another question that comes in mind that how you can set up or design (customize) your site similar to another site.

So, all you need to do is to write in Google that Theme Name and write Documentation with it. In my case, just type ColorMag Documentation and you’ll see a document containing step by step illustrated details of how to set up your site. For details please watch the video.

One last thing, if you own a Blogger/BlogSpot site and want to give it a Professional Look, then I’ve already covered this topic. Check it out here.

Here is How You Can Select Best Free WordPress Themes & Plugins? [Urdu/Hindi/English Captions]

Still, need information about anything, feel free to ask in the comments section. Also, let me know which one is your favourite Theme and which plugins you like the most?

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