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Harnai District: Area-wise district Harnai the 3 smallest district in Balochistan and has an area of 3,075 square kilometers, Harnai district lies between 67°13’12”-68°24’34” East longitudes and 29°41’59”-30°23’2″ North latitudes consisting of 2 Tehsils and 6 Union Councils. Location of Harnai is at 630 km (aerial distance) south-east (232 degrees bearing) of Pakistan’s Capital City Islamabad and 90 km north-west (97 degrees bearing) from Quetta, the provincial capital of Balochistan.
Harnai was separated from Sibi and got district status in 2007. The name Harnai originates from an influential Hindu personality named Harnam Das Harnai. Harnai is also the name of an important town in the district. The district shares its boundaries with district Mastung and Quetta (the provincial capital of Balochistan), in the west and Loralai in the east. District Sibi is in the south-west and Ziarat in the north.
Harnai has been very significant due to its strategic geographical location. The district is surrounded by the encircling hills, having resounding names, Khalifat and Zarghoon. The terrain elevation varies from 192 to 3,545 meters above Mean Sea Level.(District Harnai).

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