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What you will get Green $ or Yellow $ on YouTube Video?

Last month YouTube introduced its algorithm in which by the system automatically detected videos not suitable for advertisement or those were not advertisement friendly. Though there is review option yet it has some shortcomings. First, at times, the system put a yellow dollar on videos after one hour of the upload of which the uploader is not aware. Secondly, for new YouTuber, the video should get 1000 views in order to eligible for Review. And Lastly, which is the biggest issue, is that though you’ve applied for Review it takes around 24 hours to get it finalized whether the video is advertisement friendly or not – and by this time all the active or loyal subscribers have watched the video and there is nothing left with the uploader the video has been watched without any adds being displayed on it.

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For a YouTube creator, it is a big concern that what will they get on their video being uploaded – Green dollar Yellow dollar? As YouTube’s new algorithm comes with these Green $ and Yellow $ strategy where videos those are Advertiser friendly get Green dollar and hence advertisements are displayed on such videos and ultimately the creator gets revenue. While with the Yellow dollar, no ads are displayed on videos and, hence, no revenue.

As it has been observed on more than 80% videos YouTube algorithm gets wrong $ sign (as the system is computerized) so how can we know that what we are going to get on our video being uploaded a Green $ or a Yellow $.

The computerized system of YouTube decides it based on some specific guidelines like it checks your video Title, Description, Tags, Thumbnail, etc. If it found anything related to hacking, porn, violence, war and terrorism, human rights violation, child abusing, animal rights violation, etc a number of such criteria which are against YouTube Community Violations then it gives a Yellow $ on your video.

But as mentioned earlier YouTube gets is wrong most of the time (based on reviews and articles from very popular YouTubers) so how to avoid it. It is necessary to mention here that this Green/Yellow $ phenomenon of YouTube is not working right most of the time. You have observed that a video of yours having Green $ get Yellow $ after sometimes like an hour or a day and vice versa. Though you have the option to apply for a review it takes almost a day for the manual review and by that time most of your Subscribers have watched your video and despite getting a Green $ then you get very lesser revenue.

So to know what you are getting on your video (Green dollar Yellow dollar) there is a trick. In case you are getting a Yellow Dollar then you have time to review your video and make necessary changes and then see what you get.

In this video, I have shown with a practical example how to make sure you are getting a Green Dollar for your video. The video is in Hindi/Urdu with English Subtitles.

A Suggestions from Tech Urdu Team to YouTube to Solve This Issue (Green dollar Yellow dollar)

The demonetization move is a great one and all the videos those are not advertisement friendly will eventually see the final result in the form of no ads. Yet YouTube should bring the concept as it should make a video ‘not suitable for all advertisers’ and yet display ads on it. Once the uploader applies for the review and after manual review if the video is suitable for advertisers then YouTube should pay those money to the creator and if not suitable then those amount of money should be detected from the creator’s earnings – as simple as that.

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