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Google’s New Fun Easter Eggs (2019)

Play Tennis in Your Browser

Google’s New Fun Easter Eggs - Play Tennis in Your Browser - Tech Urdu

Another new interactive doodle is now available in Google search that lets you play a game of tennis in your browser or on your smartphone.

To play the game, simply search for ‘Wimbledon’ or ‘#wimbledon’ in Google. Then, in the purple card that appears, scroll all the way to the right, and click (or tap!) on the tennis ball icon ball to start the game.

The controls are extremely simple — you just use your left/right arrow keys on desktop, and tap on the left/right side of the court on mobile to move your player on the court. You don’t have to do anything to hit the ball.

Celebrate 4th of July with Fireworks on Your Screen

Google’s New Fun Easter Eggs - Celebrate 4th of July with Fireworks on Your Screen - Tech Urdu

On the occasion of the US Independence Day on the Fourth of July, Google has come up with an Easter egg that shows animated on-screen fireworks for any search related to the subject.

Searching for terms like Fourth of July or Fourth of July fireworks is setting off a flurry of fireworks on Google Search results pages.

However, as with most region specific Google Doodles and Easter eggs, this one is also seemingly accessible only by users from within the US, which means we had to use a VPN (US server) to record the results.

Cool New Thanos Easter Egg

Cool New Thanos Easter Egg - Tech Urdu Google’s New Fun Easter Eggs

With Avengers: Endgame Google, which is known for adding easter eggs into its products, has surprised us all with a cool new Thanos-related easter egg in Google Search now, and it’s incredible.

Basically, if you search for Thanos in Google search, the results show up an Infinity Gauntlet where you’d normally find a share button in the usual search results. That in itself is pretty cool, but click (or tap) on it, and see what happens!

Cool New Thanos Easter Egg - Tech Urdu

The Gauntlet animates into a snap, and one by one, half of the search results on the page start turning into dust, Infinity War style, complete with the dust-blow-away animation.

There are background music and sound effects too, so make sure you have your volume turned up to experience the easter egg in all its glory.

Don’t worry, you can get your search results back by clicking (or tapping) on the Infinity Gauntlet again, which then uses the time stone to turn back time and bring all the deleted results back.

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