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Google-Powered Search Engine – Google AdSense – Ads for Search

Google-Powered Search Engine – Google AdSense – Ads for Search (Custom Search Engines)

Google-Powered Search Engine

It’s now easier to add a Google-powered search engine to your site and earn from showing relevant ads on your search results pages.

Improvements in AdSense Search Engine Feature

As per Google, they’ve made the following improvements to the AdSense search engine feature:

  • Simplified the creation flow to make it quicker and easier to create a search engine.
  • Added a preview, so that you can see how ads will look on your search results pages before they go live.
  • You no longer need to sign up for the AdSense for search product to create a search engine. You now create search engines on the “By ad unit” tab of the Ads  Overview page.

How to Add a Search Engine to your Site?

You can add a Google-powered search engine to your site that shows ads with search results. To add a search engine to your site, you first generate the search box code in your AdSense account and then copy and paste that code into the HTML of your pages. Follow the steps to create a search engine:

  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. Click Ads  Overview.
  3. Click By ad unit.
  4. Click Search engine. [Note: If you don’t see the Search engine option, you’re not currently eligible. Please check again in the future.]
  5. Give your search engine a name.
  6. Choose whether you want your search engine to search the entire web or only specific sites that you list.
  7. Click Create.
  8. Copy and paste the code in between the <body> and <body/> tags of your pages where you want the search box to appear.
  9. Click Done.

Advanced Programmable Search Engine features

If you’d like more customisation options for your search engine, you can access the advanced features provided by Programmable Search Engine. For example, you can use these options to change the look and feel of your search engine. 

To manage your advanced search controls, click the Search Features link on the Control Panel, and then click the Advanced tab.

Search ControlDetailsSupported Values
WebSearch Settings
Refinement StyleSets the refinement style as tabs or links. If your search engine uses both web and image search, use the default configuration. Links, Tabs
Results browsing historyEnables the user of the browser Back button to view previous search results pages.Enable, Disable
Structured Data in ResultsShows structured data in resultsEnable, Disabled
No Results StringSpecifies the default text to display when no results match the query.Text
Link TargetSets the link target for links embedded in search results.blank, _self, top_frame, server
Query AdditionAppends additional query parameters to the search. Search results will be served using “OR” logic.Any search term to add to user query.
Query Parameter NameA string that specifies the query parameter name in the result URL.Any string to identify the query in search. Should match the string (if any) used in Google Analytics
Websearch Restricts
Language restrictRestricts search results to documents written in a particular language.Supported languages
Country restrictRestricts search results to documents originating in a particular country.Supported country values
Boost Results By LocaleBoost search results whose country of origin matches the parameter value.Supported locales
Sort BySort results using either date or other structured content. This configuration should match the configuration set under Control Panel > Search Features > Advanced > Results Sorting. 
As SitesearchRestrict results to pages from a specific site.URL of a site
Extra Query TermsFilter search results using Logical OR.Query terms to restrict search results using Logical OR
FilterAutomatic filtering of search results.True, False
Result SizeNumber of results to return per user query.Integer between 1 and 20
Image Search Restricts
Many restricts available for Web Search are also available for Image Search; See WebSearch Restricts for available options
Result SizeNumber of results to return per user query.Integer between 1 and 20
Default to ImagesearchDefault search results to Image Search resultsEnable, Disable
Source: Google

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Google AdSense – Ads for Search (Custom Search Engines)

Custom Search Ads is a Google product that lets you monetize the search results pages of your own search experience.

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