Google Maps’ LIVE Popular Times Feature Saves Your Time

Google Maps’ LIVE Popular Times Feature

There’s a new feature inĀ GoogleĀ Maps that can spare you a huge amount of time on the off chance that you utilize it legitimately. It shows you how bustling a place like an eatery or store regularly is, and if there’s generally a holdup time before you even go.

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How to UseĀ Google Maps’ LIVE Popular Times Feature?

First, open Google Maps on your phone/PC and search for any location you want to visit, like a restaurant or a store, and then tap on it.Ā Scroll down past the phone number, website, description and all that added information.Ā Stop right here, where it says “Popular Times.”

Google Maps Live location Feature - Forestrypedia

Now, check out the diagram. You can tap at different times to perceive how bustling a specific place is a certain time. On the off chance that you tap the name of the day, there’s a drop-down menu that gives you a chance to change to perceive how popular a place is on various times of the week, as well.Ā It will tell you, in real time, how busy a place currently is.

For restaurants, it typically says you can expect to wait 15 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, or more if it’s busy.

For places like the DMV or Doctor, it doesn’t always give you an exact wait time, but it says things like “it’s as busy as it gets,” so you can plan your schedule accordingly.


(Video) Google Maps’ LIVE Popular Times Feature

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