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Incredibly Useful Google Chrome Shortcuts

Google Chrome Shortcuts

Though Today Web Browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, etc come with a number of extensions and these all are doing good. These days, a browser is more than just a basic navigator for the web. It’s effectively a gateway to countless apps, sites, and services.

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Since we are talking about Google Chrome Shortcuts so we’ll focus on it. Google’s Chrome is full of hidden shortcuts, features, and power-user possibilities. Take the time to learn these tips, and watch your productivity soar.

(Please Note that most of the Google Chrome Tricks here are specific to the desktop versions of Chrome for Windows PCs and Macs and may not apply to the Smartphone variants).

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Some Handy Google Chrome Shortcuts

1) Open a link in a new tab in the background

Want to open a link into a new tab in the background, so that it won’t interrupt what you’re doing? Hold down Ctrl- or Cmd- and click it. To open a link in a whole new window, meanwhile, use Shift instead.

2) Scroll up by a full page-length at a time

I’m sure you already know that you can press the spacebar to scroll down a full page-length, but there’s another side to that shortcut. If you press Shift and the space bar together, Chrome will do the opposite and scroll up by a full page-length at a time.

3) Reopen your most recently closed tabs

If you ever close a tab by mistake, hit Ctrl- or Cmd-Shift-T. Chrome will reopen your most recently closed tab as if nothing had ever happened. And you can do it multiple times, too, if there’s more than one tab you’d like to recover.

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4) Save all your open tabs into a folder for easy access in future

When you have a bunch of tabs open and want to hang onto the entire session for later, hit Ctrl-Shift-D. That’ll let you save all your open tabs into a folder for easy future access. To restore them, right-click the folder within your bookmarks and select “Open all” or “Open all in a new window.”

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5) Get info about any word or phrase on a page

Well, this is what you do. You want to get info about something on a page by highlighting it and then right-clicking and selecting the “Search Google” option.

There are some Google Chrome Tricks that you can imply. You can also highlight a word or phrase and drag it into Chrome’s address bar to achieve the same result—or drag it into the area directly to the right of your final tab to launch the search in a new tab instead of your current one.

Bonus tip: Those same dragging behaviors can also be used to open links.

6) Save a link with a single click

Just click, hold down your mouse button, and drag the link up into Chrome’s bookmarks bar. Drop it wherever you want, and it’ll be there the next time you need it.

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7) Move downloaded files to somewhere specific

If you download a file and then want to move it somewhere specific, click on its tile in the download bar that appears at the bottom of the browser. You can then drag and drop whatever you downloaded directly onto your desktop or into any folder you want.

8) Restart and restore Chrome

That one is cool. Should you ever find Chrome mysteriously misbehaving, remember this command: chrome://restart. Type it into Chrome’s address bar, and your browser will restart itself and restore all your tabs and windows in a jiffy. You never know when it might come in handy.

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