Google Assistant – Best Tips & Tricks (2019)

Amazing Google Assistant Tips & Tricks

Google Assistant Now has a Driving Mode

Google Assistant - Best Tips & Tricks (2019) - Tech Urdu

With driving mode, users can simply say “Hey Google, let’s drive” and the assistant will automatically enter the driving mode.

In this mode, the Assistant shows easy to use shortcuts for top contacts, podcasts you were listening to and paused, and more.

Even when you’re navigating, the Assistant shows up music and phone calls in a non-intrusive way so you can keep navigating and control music, and answer calls without looking at or touching your phone.

Google Assistant to Read Stories to Your Baby

Google Assistant to Read Stories to Your Baby - Tech Urdu
Image: Pixabay

There is good news for parents. If you are not particularly good at reading bedtime stories to your kids, just ask the Google Assistant on your phone to do so and you will be able to hear the famous tales from the Panchatantra or other books.

Whether you have an Android or an iOS phone, every time you say “Hey Google, tell me a story“, the Assistant tells you a tale. If you hear the “Truth Will Never Die” one day, it could be “Don’t be Greedy” next time, or “Don’t Trust Anybody” at some other time.

Google Assistant Can Now Perform Flight Check-Ins, Book Hotel Rooms, etc.

Google Assistant Can Now Perform Flight Check-Ins, Book Hotel Rooms, etc. - Google Assistant - Best Tips & Tricks (2019) - Tech Urdu

Google Assistant users will soon be able to check-in to their flight, and save and retrieve their boarding pass with the Google Assistant on their Android or iOS smartphone.

US residents travelling domestically on United Airlines will also get a notification on their phone to remind them that check-in is available. Users will also be able to check-in via voice-command by saying “Hey Google, check in to my flight”.

Users will now also be able to book a room via voice command with Google Assistant. According to Google, “You could say, ‘Hey Google, I’d like to book the Cambria Hotel in New York on January 12th’ to view availability, different pricing options and then easily reserve a room using your existing Google Pay credentials”.

Google Assistant Can Now Be Your Interpreter

Google Assistant Can Now Be Your Interpreter - Tech Urdu

Google has added a ton of language-related features to Google Assistant and now has brought the Interpreter Mode.

The new feature lets users ask the Google Assistant to help them have a conversation in dozens of languages.

How Google Assistant can be Used as Interpreter?

Just say “Hey Google, be my French/Spanish/German interpreter” and you would be able to start using it.

Google Assistant gives you real-time spoken and (on Smart Displays) written translation to aid the conversation.


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